A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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Brenda held her arms straight back, focusing on keeping her form perfect as the sound of feet approached the living room.

“As you can see, it has a quaint charm to it, but I think you’ll agree that it’s standout feature is here in the living room.” the realtor’s voice echoed through the house as it came nearer and nearer.

Brenda of course wanted nothing more than to stand upright, walk out of the room and right up to him, and then kick him in the balls.

Instead she stayed perfectly still, her firm round ass pointed directly at the entrance that she knew the realtor and client would be walking through any moment.

“It was a foreclosure and came with everything inside of it as per the Taxation and Incentives Transformation Act of 2022.”

Brenda cursed inwardly, she’d tried desperately, some might say foolishly, to retain her family home even in the face of insurmountable tax debt. In the end, it had been for nothing and just as the realtor had said, she’d declared bankruptcy and the bank had foreclosed on the house and her.

The two men finally entered the room and the footsteps came to a halt, “Yes… yes I can about the living room.” an unfamiliar voice said after a moment.

One set of footsteps started again and approached her from behind, only to stop and be followed by a hand gently stroking her ass.

Brenda, of course, immediately responded with a low moan, “Thank you sir. Does my ass please you?”

It wasn’t like there was any choice, she’d fought the implant at first, but it had just taken over and puppeted her body and voice in to compliance anyway. And worse yet, it made that compliance feel *good*.

So now, after a few weeks of training, she complied as much as possible without the use of the implant to avoid the conditioning it was trying to enforce on her mind. She knew keep down that it was a trap either way, comply willingly or fight it, both ended up with the same result. But at least compliance bough her a bit more time, time she might be able to use to her advantage if the right buyer came to the house.

Then a hand ran up her back to her shoulder and pulled her upright and back on to himself, his hands snaking around her torso to find her breasts.

“A little light up top…” the voice said right in to her ear.

“Well, homes like this often need some renovations of course. But just think of it as an investment, that will increase the properties value.”

Hands fell on to her shoulders and spun her around and she got her first look at the man that was fondling her body. He was about her own age, late twenties at worst, but there was something halfway familiar about him as well.

He reached out and titled her head back with his finger just under her chin, “True, and it does have good bones I guess. Lots of room for upgrades. You know my father has been chasing after this property for at least twenty years. Always said it had the best views, and I kind of have to agree with him now.”

Brenda immediately put it together, her mother and her had been fighting off the neighbour to the west for years as he had tried every dirty trick in the book to steal the home out from under them. Brenda was pretty sure it had started when her mother had turned down the neighbour’s advances after her father had died.

“Well, I guess I’ve seen enough. Do you have the paperwork with you?”

“Yes, as you requested, I have everything right here and I’m fully empowered by the bank to make a sale today.” the realtor replied as he tapped the tablet he held in his one hand.

“Good.” the buyer said as he was handed the tablet to read over the contract. After doing so he pulled out his phone and swiped it over the tablet, completing the purchase and then handing it back to the realtor.

“Perfect. I’ll just file the paperwork…” the realtor said as he swiped and tapped at the tablet for a moment, “and done.”

Brenda felt a strange tingle as the implant registered her new owner. The buyer tapped his phone a few times and Brenda felt the implant take full control of her body as she dropped to her knees and bowed her head.

“I’ll leave you to enjoy your new purchase.” the realtor said as he hastily made his exit.

“You know, I always wondered what my father saw in your mother, but I can now. It says here that you have a two year sentence to serve and you are only a few weeks in to it. I wonder how long you’ll hold out in full compliance mode? Three months? Six? It won’t matter, he’ll have you eagerly serving him well past your ‘release’ date. Who knows, if you please him enough he might even marry you…”

The words sent a chill down her spine, she had hoped for a buyer that was more interested in the house than her, but this was the worst case scenario. Her family home had been taken by her long time rival and she would end up the same.

“But before he gets to have all of his fun, I think I’ll have a bit too. Turn around, face down, ass up.” he commanded and the implant quickly had her ass as high as it could go.

Moments later she was cumming hard with each stroke as the implant feed waves of pleasure directly in to her brain regardless of what she was actually feeling. Her lower lip quivered, as she rocked back and forth under the pounding she was receiving, the simple knowledge that she’d being feeling this same bliss for the next several months as the father fucked her almost broke her.

But she would put up as much of a fight as she could internally, for as long as she could, no matter how often her body told her there was no point and to just give in.