Amber walked in to the garage and gazed in wonder, she’d worked hard to get here and she wasn’t going to waste the opportunity!

She set her toolbox down and double checked her overalls to make sure they were clean before taking off her baseball cap that contained her long blonde hair.

“Hi Amber, welcome to the team!” Roger, the team owner, almost shouted as he walked over to, his hand extended towards her.

“Thanks Roger!” she said with genuine enthusiasm. She shook his hand with her short plain nails almost matching his own.

“Well, it’s great to finally have you here, we’re excited to get you integrated with the team.”

“Me too, I’ve dreamed of this since I was a little girl!”

Roger nodded and smiled, “Well, why don’t you head in to the back and changed in to the team overalls and then I can introduce you to the pit boss and crew chief.”

“Sounds great Roger, be right back!”

Amber had been working hard these past two weeks as part of the pit crew, harder than she had ever thought she would if she was honest. But she had been a success and that was what was important.

She pulled off her overalls and headed in to the shower, she was always the last one to leave, mostly so she wouldn’t be disturbed by any of the other men on the team. As the first woman to join the team, she knew there would be some sacrifices, and having to stay late to have a private shower seemed like a small price to pay.

She turned on the water and let it run over her, the warmth soothing her sore muscles. Her hands ran down her flat tummy and she half smiled and half frowned.

She’d been working so hard that she’d actually lost weight! Of course she’d never been fat or anything, but she could actually feel her abs starting to stick out from her stomach. The frown was from the fact that she hadn’t been trying to lose weight, she’d always been happy with her body. The smile was from somewhere else in her mind that told her that having a tight, flat, tummy was a good thing.

She finished up her shower and grabbed one of the towels on the rack, placing it against her face and drying herself off. The smell of the fresh towel filled her nostrils and her head began to swirl as she slumped to the floor, unconscious.

Roger stood before the security door that read “Special Projects – No Admittance” and swiped his access card. A loud thunk sounded out as the door moved slightly as the security system released it. He stepped inside and closed the door, then turned to the left and opened the second door that lead in to the relatively small special projects area.

Ivan, the team manager, was sitting in front of a computer, several graphs and other displays flickering on it. Just a few feet in front of him was a metal gantry that held a naked Amber firmly in place with wires running to the headset that covered her eyes and ears.

“How’s she coming along?” Roger asked as he watched three pistons push in and out of Amber’s suspended body.

“Very well Roger, tonights retooling is about 85% complete. Overall, her total retooling is well over 30% complete now. Another month or so and she’ll be completely retooled for her new purpose.”

“Good work Ivan, I knew this failed driver training aid would come in handy one day.”

“Yeah, too bad it reduced the drivers reaction times so much. But with Amber, well, that’s not really a problem.” Ivan replied with a chuckle.

Amber put her hand on her hips, her lower fingers feeling the shiny material of her pants and her upper fingers resting on her exposed midsection.

The smile across her lips was genuine as Roger came over to the garage, “Like, hi Roger!”

“Hey Amber, how’s my best pit girl?”

“*giggle* Like, the best Roger! *giggle*”

“That’s good to hear. Why don’t you wiggle your ass over to the pit wall and hold up the sign for the drivers. The camera’s always like to see your ass bending over the wall.”

“Oh my god I love to show off my ass!” she squealed as she wiggled her way over to the wall and Roger watched her ass like a hawk as she did so.

Amber had been a fine pit crew member, working hard and everything else, but he hadn’t hired her for her skills on the cars. He’d been having trouble for years drumming up excitement for his team and it was really starting to put a strain on his finances. Amber had become a sensation the first week she’d debuted her new “uniform” and started working the wall.

The camera’s couldn’t get enough of her ass as she bent over the wall, and that meant more attention on his team. Within a month she’d garnered enough attention that he’d landed two new advertisers to big contracts for the team. Their logos were currently plastered on the back of Amber’s top, but he had several more deals in the works.

He raised an eyebrows and smiled, perhaps he could make some more space for logo’s on her top if she went up a cup size or two… or four.

A wicked grin crossed his lips and he headed back in to the garage to find Ivan, it wouldn’t take long for Ivan to retool Amber in to the perfect advertising platform for the team.