“Oh my god, I can’t believe it… it’s really them isn’t it?” Tom exclaimed the two fit blondes stood in front of him and his boss Tony.

“I know right, can you beleive it?” Tony replied with similar disbelief in his voice.

“But… but… but, how? Why?”

“Hey, I don’t ask questions like that when Blue Raven and Crimson Brawler show up on my door step as two brainwashed strippers.”

Tom only nodded in response.

“So girls, introduce yourself to my floor manager Tom…” Tony said and waved in Tom’s direction.

The two superhero’s smiled and turned their heads to tom simultaneously.

“Like, hi, I’m Birdie Blu, a pleasure to meet you honey! *giggle*”

“And, I’m Pinky Baller baby. I’m so happy to be working here! *giggle*”

“Tom, why don’t you take Pinky and Birdie in to the office and, ah, show them how the schedule works.” Tony said with a shake of his head towards the back office.

It was still early in the day and the club hadn’t opened yet, so there was no one else around.

“Ah, sure thing Tony. Ladies, this way…” Tom said and waved them towards the back of the club. Just as he turned to follow them, Tony grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear.

“Make sure to get them to compete with each other for shifts… you won’t regret it.” he said and then let Tom go.

Twenty minutes later Tony was sitting at the bar, holding his phone between his hands as the video feed from his office played on it, the audio streaming over his earbuds.

“Oh god baby, slap that ass!” Birdie cried out as Tom’s hand slammed down on her right ass cheek as she was splayed across the desk, her powerful grip holding on to the edge of it as she stuck her ass up in the air.

Pinky was on her knees, her outfit on the floor beside her, as she jacked off Tom with her powerful grip.

“That’s right baby, make that little bird sing like the total slut she is!” Pinky said as she let go of Tom’s dick and dove down on to it with her mouth.

“Oh my god Tom! Is that slut sucking you off?!? That’s totally not fair!” Birdie cried out as she flipped herself over and sat upright, “Like, come here honey…” she cried out as she grabbed Tom’s head and pulled it between her tits.

“Like, you can totally fuck Birdie’s tight little pussy if you want… *giggle*… it’s soooooo wet and horny right now!”

With a loud pop Pinky pulled herself off of Tom’s dick and gasped for air for just a moment, “Like, no fair Birdie! I couldn’t talk cause, like, I was sucking so hard! Like, tell you what Tom, if you wanna fuck Birdie’s tight little pussy, that’s ok… just make sure you’re hard enough afterwards to totally fuck my tight little ass! *giggle*”

Tony watched Tom push himself out from between Birdie’s tits and gasp for air as Pinky stood up beside him, leaning in to kiss him passionately.

Birdie pouted for a moment before a twinkle came to her eye, “Or maybe… you’d like to fuck my ass while I eat out Pinky’s perfect little pussy?” she said as she put her finger under Pinky’s chin and turned her head towards her so they could share a kiss.

It wasn’t long before Pinky was in Tony’s chair, Birdie was bent over at the waist eating her out while Tom pounded her tight ass and all three were coming hard.

Tony watched Pinky and Birdie make their way around the club, which was nearly packed full of horny guys that had heard of the two new dancers that were there every night. Every day for that matter as well, as long as the club was open, they were there. The rest of the time Birdie would go home with Tom and Pinky would go home with him… or one of the regulars that paid extra to have them visit of course.

Tony didn’t know how long it would last, either whatever brainwashing had been done to them would wear off or one of their teammates would eventually come to collect them, but in the mean time he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

It was always this way, every few months one or more heroins would be dropped off at his doorstep, brainwashed and eager to work. Then they would be gone, but this time he kinda hopped it would be different.

He had to admit that he was enjoying having Pinky around quite a bit, whoever had brainwashed her had done a fantastic job. She was eager and insatiable, he’d been fucking her ass every night he could and she screamed like a little girl getting a pony each and every time.

And to top it all off, she cooked and cleaned as well!

He let out a sigh and shook his head… hopes and dreams were all well and good, but first things first, she had to bring in the customers and she was doing that in spades. He smiled as the two of them stopped at a table and a few minutes later each left with a guy on their arms.

As long as they lasted through the week he’d be happy, then after that… well maybe he’d take Pinky home and keep her there until someone came to collect Birdie… it was a thought at least.