Carol sat looking out at the room full of me, wondering when one of them might come over and user her body in some way.

Oh sure, the random buzzing of the vibrators in her ass and pussy were pleasant enough, as were the tight bindings of rope around her tits, but they just couldn’t replace the feel of a man’s hands or his cock.

She sighed inwardly, remaining placid and still on the outside, not letting her wants and desires disturb her placid face as the men milled about. There were a dozen or so other girls placed around the room just like her of course. Oh they each looked different, catering to any particular preference the men might have, and they each held a different pose but they each were waiting for the men just like she was.

She recognized some of them, a few from the college she had attended, a few from where she used to work, even one from the nightly TV news. Others she didn’t recognize, but it didn’t matter, after the Reckoning, they were all the same.

No one knew how it had happened, or who had done it, but the Reckoning had changed everything. A strange light had filled the skies for a full 24 hours, bringing light to even the darkest of night, and then had disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived.

Afterwards, things had been different for the women of the world. For the men, it was like nothing had changed.

It didn’t take long for the news to spread, even with the chaos that the light had brought, news that women no longer possessed free will rocked the world.

In Carol’s case it had been her boyfriend that had figured it out first. They had been making out just after the light had disappeared, relived that whatever it was, was finally over, and they’d moved in to the bedroom to get serious.

He’d licked her pussy, suckled her tits, played with her clit and gotten her ready to go before his fingers had slipped down to her asshole and gently rubbed it. He knew that she would never let him in to her backdoor, but he never stopped trying.

She was about to protest the attention when he’d spoken up, “Come on baby, tell me to fuck your ass tonight. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

It was a triple whammy to her Reckoned mind; with no free will to resist the idea she did love it, she did trust him, and so the words flowed out of her mouth without resistance.

“I want you to fuck my ass tonight. I trust you, I’m going to love it.”

He wasted no time in slipping a finger in to her ass, then repositioning himself to push his dick in as well.

And she did love it, every second of it. Even when he told her to tell him how much she loved it. Even when he told her to beg him to go harder and deeper.

It wasn’t until he told her to talk like the anal slut she was, and she complied, that some small recognition that something strange was going on cross his face. But it was only there for a moment until her continued verbal degradation of herself brought him over the edge and she felt his cum enter her bowels.

That had been six months ago, and she hadn’t seen him since, he had grown bored with her and sold her to the party service that had brought her here. A bell sounded out through the room, the bell that she had been eagerly awaiting since she had been placed there.

“And now gentlemen, the time that you have all been waiting for is finally here.” the MC of the event said and reached in to a bowl with small paper slips in it, to pick one out.

“Johnathan Barker!” he called out and a round of applause filled the room as the man walked up to the front, took his slip and walked directly over to one of the other girls.

The process was repeated five more times before the man that was called up eventaully walked over and stood beside her. The wait was finally over, she knew which man would be using her and she could hardly wait for him to start.