You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl!

Though Devin was certainly trying, and Patti had to admit he was succeeding. Mentally she childed herself, her name was Patsy, not Patti with the adorable little heart over the ‘i’ that she always drew when she signed anything these days.

Devin had found her in a roadside dinner in Texas, serving coffee and scrambled eggs to the locals in her “uniform”. Jeans, a t-shirt emblazoned with the dinners name, and a straw country hat.

He had been traveling with a woman that looked like she just stepped off Rodeo drive in LA. Glamorous, put together, and fake as could be. The total opposite of Patsy.

She’d taken their order, served them the food, and paid them little mind. Perhaps she should have paid a little more attention when the woman headed to the bathroom just after Devin had, or in fact t either of them had gone in to the single bathroom that the diner had.

She she opened the door to use it herself, she walked in on the woman eagerly giving Devin a blow job. She’d been so startled by the sight that she’d frozen for just a second, and that had been a mistake.

Suddenly she was on her knees, her hat pushed back, her lips sharing Devin’s dick with the woman, until he spurted lines of cum on both of their faces.

That was five years ago, and the last time she’d seen her home town. Since the she’d been around the world with Devin, fucking and sucking him in every way and place they went. But that was only part of the story, he was changing her as well, slowly altering the way she saw herself.

She didn’t know how he accomplished it, only that she had no say in the matter. It had progressed to the point that now, in all honesty, all that was left of Patsy were a few thoughts and the same straw hat that she had worn at the dinner.

It wasn’t just her mind either, he’d been reshaping her body over the years as well, until now she was almost nothing like she had been. Gone was the cute girl next door, replaced with the plastic fuck toy that she now was.

She looked out of the patio on to the expanse of water, the sun feeling good on her, wondering where they were now. It was all a blur, she thought somewhere overseas maybe?

She heard footsteps behind her and she turned around, cocking her hips and grabbing hold of the stone wall around the patio. She titled her head with a confused looked on her face when she saw Devin standing there with a cute brunette, his arm around her waist and his hand on her ass.

He walked up to her and smiled, with a flick of his finger her hat went flying off her head and out in to the wind. She knew what was coming, the last remnants of Patsy would be gone after today, and she would never see Devin again.

Patti dropped to her knees and her fingers flew to Devin’s fly, her longs nails expertly undoing it and fishing his hardening dick out of his pants.

If this was to be her last day as Devin’s plastic fuck toy, then she was determined to make it as memorable as possible. Not for him, as she knew he’d forget her in a few days, occupied by his new project, Patti would fade from his memory. No, she was going to do it to ensure that she had the memory of being the best she could be for him, and hope that would be enough to sustain her once he was gone.