A hands on kind of leader...

Friday January 01, 2021

Cathy snapped the selfie and sent it to Brian, “Like, enough is enough, change me back!” she added to the message.

She’d arranged for a quick getaway with her boyfriend and they’d arrived last night at the hotel. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a day or two away from the rest of their family for some alone time.

Things had gone well, they’d arrived last night and made out for a while before she laid down on the bed flat as a board and remained still as usual. Brain had gone ahead and had his fun before she had a shower and they turned in for the night.

Then she’d woken up… like this!

She looked at the selfie and couldn’t believe what she saw, her plain brown hair was platinum blonde, her lips were puffy and wouldn’t close all the way, her small b cup breasts were massive round globes, her slightly bulging midsection was tight and small, her hips and ass were wide and round!

She looked like some kind of blow up sex doll!

Her phone beeped and she saw the response from Brian, “Sorry babe, I can’t take it any more, if you’re just going to lie there like an inflatable sex toy, I might as well get the benefits of one. The second part should be kicking in any minute now… see you soon.”

She blinked and wondered what he was talking about, but she didn’t have to wait long. A tingling in her arms and legs quickly expanded to the rest of her body and she only managed to set her phone down before her arms and legs show straight out and refused to move as she fell back on to the bed.

She turned her head to where her phone was, desperately trying to get her hand to grasp it to no avail, until her head turned forward, her lips parted and her eyes widened.

Then the tingling hit her brain and a gasp escaped the perfectly round hole that was once her mouth.

Dolly heard a noise behind her, it was the door opening and she wanted to squeal, but of course no one was pressing her buttons so she remained silent. Soon though a man was looking down at her and her heart beat faster, he had a smile on his lips and she hoped he would use her soon.

He reached down and traced his finger around her lips and she almost came from the sensation. Without saying a word he walked around to the other side of the bed, grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. After a moment she heard his pants hit the floor and then his cock push up against her fuck hole.

He pushed in deep, his hand moving up her body to her tits, squeezing them hard, his fingers then found her nipples. He gave them a pinch and her voice activated.

“Dolly is a fuck doll!”

“Fuck Dolly, fuck Dolly!”

“Dolly loves cock!”

“Dolly loves to be used, will you please use Dolly?”

“Dolly has three holes for your pleasure, please use them all!”

Dolly felt his cum enter her and her whole body came alive as the orgasm reverberated through her.

By the time she had come down from her orgasmic bliss, she found herself leaning against the shower wall, then man running warm water all over her body as he cleaned her from top to bottom. His hand pinched her nipple again and her voice once more sounded out.

“Dolly has been a dirty girl, make Dolly clean again!”

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