Kim and Kelly looked at each other for a second and then back at the man sitting across the desk from them, Kim spoke up first, “I’m really not sure why Roger sent us to you, Mr…”

The man across the desk smiled, “Thomas, call me Thomas. Well Roger send some of his most challenging clients to me. You could say that I’m kind of a specialist when it comes to talent management.”

Kelly frowned, the twin sisters had been in Vegas for over two years trying to get a break as stage magicians, they were both experts and being twins they had several tricks that no other magicians could do.

But that hadn’t seemed to matter, none of the casino’s, other than a few off… off… off strip ones would hire them no matter how good their act was. Apparently, Magicians were men, Assistants were women.

Kim ran a finger over her hear, pushing a stray strand of brunette hair over her ear that had escaped the tight bun that she had he hair in. Kelly on the other hand gave a strained looked to her sister through the lose hanging hair over her face.

It was pretty much the same story with everything between the sisters, which they were physically identical twins, everything else about them was different. It had been like with many identical siblings, their parents had dressed them the same when they were children, styled their hair the same, treated them the same and even mixed up their names on occasion.

It had instilled a deep resentment to conformity in the two sisters and they had done pretty much everything they could to separate themselves from each other as soon as they could.

The one thing that had put a monkey wrench in that plan was their shared love of magic. Since either of them could remember, they had been enthralled by it and they both spent hours upon hours leaning new tricks and trying to outdo each other as they grew up.

It had been around their 18th birthday when they had finally admitted that if they wanted to be Magicians as a career, they had to get serious and join forces. It wasn’t enough to be good, you had to have a hook, a signature trick, or something else that would make you stand out. For them, using their shared DNA was the obvious hook.

“So,” Kim said, “if you’re the specialist, what do you suggest for us?”

“Well, since the whole ‘magic’ thing doesn’t seem to be working out, I’m thinking of a change of venue might showcase your talents better.”

Before Kelly could must a rebuke of the idea that the “magic thing” wasn’t working out, she felt a kind of pressure on the front of her head and a little wave of dizziness wash over her. Turning to her sister she could see she was experiencing the same thing by the confused look on her face.

“You see, I own a couple of strip clubs and brothels here in Vegas and I’m always looking for talented young women to perform at them.”

Kelly felt more pressure build as she looked at her sister and she scrunched her forehead, there was something wrong about what see saw and it was only when Kim’s fingers reached up and started to undo the bun of hair on her head that she realized what it was.

“Oh my god! Kim, why is your hair up like that?!?”

The pressure increased even more as Kim responded, “Like, I don’t know Kelly!?! But, oh my god, what are we wearing?!?”

Kelly looked down at her clothing, the stylish pants suit a stark contrast to the jeans and t-shirt her sister was wearing, “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Get them off!”

Kelly jumped from her seat just a second before Kim did the same thing and they both started to strip down until they were both nude.

Kim opened her arms and hugged Kelly, “Oh my god sis! That was so scary *giggle*”

Kelly felt the warmth of her sisters body and the growing pressure in her mind faded from thought, replaced with the growing heat between her legs.

“*giggle* Like, I know! How did we ever leave the house like that?!?” Kelly replied but before Kim could reply Kelly leaned in and placed a kiss on her sisters lips. Kim responded with her tongue and before long the two sisters hands were roaming all over their bodies as they made out.

“*Ughum*… Girls?” Thomas’ voice interrupted their make out session and they both turned to him.

“Oh my god…” Kim said.

“Like, sorry…” Kelly continued.

“We forgot all…”

“About you *giggle*”

“Not a problem girls, now as I was saying, I’m always looking for talented young women to perform and I think you both qualify.”

“*giggle* Like that’s…”

“soooooo amazing!”

“There’s just one last performance I need to see…”

Moments later the two sisters were kneeling between Thomas’ legs, their lips on each side of his dick as they performed their magic together once more.

“Hi, like I’m K!” Kim said.

“And I’m totally K too!” Kelly chimed in as well.

“And we’re twins!” they both said in unison as the man stood in front of them, ogling their bodies with his mouth half open.

“Like, you want to go to the VIP mister?” Kim asked before leaning in to her sister and giving her a kiss on the lips.

“Come on, we’ve totally got a magic trick to show you in the VIP!” Kelly said after braking the kiss.

“Yeah, like, we can make your magic want totally disappear! *giggle*”

The twins each took a side of the man and started walking him back to the VIP, they did everything together these days. They went to the same stylist, to the same shops, to the same gym, to the same plastic surgeon.

They were inseparable, just the way they liked it.