Brandy looked over herself in the mirror and smiled, or at least tried too, her recently puffed up lips hardly moved, but that only made her even happier.

She turned to the side just slightly to get a better look at her tits and a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine at the sight of the over inflated balls that were stuck to her chest.

She was perfect, well, perfectly fake at least.

Her makeup was heavy and made her face look unnatural, her bleached blonde hair had just a touch of roots showing, and her face was impossible still due to the fillers and botox that filled it.

Her eyes glanced down at the bottle on her makeup table and another wave of pleasure reverberated through her body, it was from her manager Kevin. It was Kevin that had made all of this possible, a year ago she was nothing but another fresh faced girl from the Midwest looking for stardom in Hollywood.

He’d taken her under his wing and molded her in to who she was today, quite literally in fact.

She could still clearly remember every moment of that weekend, from the restraints of the chair to the first injection of the drug, to the repetitive video and audio that played for hours and hours.

She was so happy he’d done it, at least after the fact. She could still feel the burning hate she had felt for those first few hours, but it was like watching a video of someone who had felt those things now.

She could never hate Kevin like that now, go no, not after all the things he’d done for her since then. All the plastic surgery he’d paid for, all the clothing he’d bought, all the times he’d fucked her senseless.

“Brandy on set please!” someone called out and Brandy turned and walked out of her dressing room and on to the set.

She walked over towards the bed and stood beside it, thrusting a hip out along with her tits as she looked in to the camera.

“Brandy Whines, first time anal slut, take one!” a PA called out and clapped the board together before stepping away.

Brandy held her pose for a moment and then turned to the man walking towards her and she sunk to her knees. Her lips parted and took his member in to her mouth as the cameras rolled.

She couldn’t help but thinking that the title of the movie was misleading, after all, Kevin had used her ass many times, she was by no means an anal virgin. Perhaps thought that was appropriate, the title of the film was just as fake as the rest of her.