Deanna snapped a selfie as she laid on the bed and frowned at the result, she couldn’t see enough of her boobs! She pushed herself up and snapped another selfie, this time her boobs were clearly visible but her eyes were cropped out of it.

She smiled and giggled in glee as she saved it to post later. She took several more, some with her pouting, some with her smiling, some with her lips parted and her tongue hanging out a bit.

They were all perfect, she could see her boobs clearly and they were big, round and firm. She rolled off her bed and rummaged through her closet until she found the perfect pink skirt and top to go with her lingerie and slipped them on. The top was low cut and revealed her boobs in all their glory, the skirt hardly covered her ass and if she’d bent over even a little, her panties would be clearly visible.

Finding a matching set of high heels, she grabbed her small purse and headed out of her apartment to the grocery store. Riding the elevator down, it stopped a few floors in to her trip and one of the other tenants, she thought his name was Dave, got in.

“Hi.” he said and she watched him strain to keep his eyes locked on to her own.

She smiled, “Like hi!” she replied before pouting just a little, “Like, I’ve so totally told you before… it’s ok to look at my boobies! That’s why I got them! *giggle*” she continued, giving her boobies a shake so they jiggled in her bra.

Dave could take no more and gave in, his eyes locking on to her boobs, “My god… they’re so amazing…” he said in awe. The rest of the elevator ride was uneventful, but Deanna enjoyed every second of it.

Deanna rolled her eyes as the man stared at her chest. Ok, sure, her breasts were larger than most, and sat higher, but she’d had put herself through university somehow and so a little stripping paid the bills. Of course she was a pragmatic woman and knew a breast augmentation would do more than pay the bills and give her enough money to start her own consulting business once she graduated.

The downside was of course that clients tended to focus on the wrong part of her body in meetings, and this time was no different. She often just let it slide with a slight clearing of her throat or other small gesture, and most men got the message fast enough.

Today was different though, she’d not been having a good day, traffic was bad, she was late, the client was late, their Internet was down, etc.

So now, as the client stared at her chest instead of her eyes, she’d had enough.

“Hey, douchebag, my eyes are up here!” he admonished the man and he looked startled for just a second before smile crossed his lips.

“Oh, yes of course, my apologies Deanna. But then again…” he said as she suddenly felt a pressure against her brain, “If you didn’t want to show them off, why did you buy them?”

She’d never felt anything like it, her mind was under attack and she could feel parts of her memory slipping away from her, until suddenly, everything just felt right.

Deanna smiled and giggled, “Like, ugh… cause I’m a silly little bimbo that doesn’t know here boobies are the most important part of her?”

The man smiled and nodded, “Very good, now I’m paying good money to get access to the most important part of you, so let’s see them.”

She giggled and quickly stripped off her top and bra, walking up to the man and shaking her boobies in front of him. He grabbed a hold of them and squeezed and she let out moan.

“That’s a good girl Deanna, now let see you earn your fee and give me the best titty fuck you can.”

Deanna giggled again, eager to show the client just what he was paying for.