Linda rubbed her neck as she sat on the bed, god it had been a rough night, Ben had pushed her head against the headboard and fucked her face so hard that she’d cum at least half a dozen times before he’d relented.

She felt the touch of Jennifer’s fingers on her back and she turned and smiled at her, “Hey babe, sore neck?” she asked.

Linda gave a half smile and nodded slightly.

“Not surprising, Ben was on a mission last night. You’re lucky it was just your neck, you should feel my ass!”

Linda just smiled, she had watched been ream Jennifer’s tight ass while Linda was straddling Jennifer’s face and enjoying her tongue darting in and out of her pussy. Ben had been holding on to Linda’s tits for dear life until he finally pushed in one last time and filled Jennifer’s bowels with his cum.

Linda leaned over and gave her girlfriend a long, passionate kiss, their tongues probing each other’s mouths. Neither wanted to get out of bed, but both hand things to do. It was Jennifer’s day to go over to Ben’s and clean his place while Linda went out and did the shopping for him among other odd jobs.

It was hard to believe that the two of them had been die hard lesbians, living their perfect life, just two months ago. But then, two months was a lifetime when Ben was fucking them every day.

They’d both known Ben for a few years, he had the condo right above theirs and they’d met once in a while in the elevator, or getting the mail, or whatever. They’d never paid much attention to him, he was the typical nerd, thick glasses, well dressed but with no sense of style, and quiet.

And then one day he was none of those things. Well, he was still all of those things in everyone else’s eyes, but for Linda and Jennifer, he was a sexual god. They flirted with him, the fawned over him, they competed for his attention, they were insatiable.

He’d fucked Jennifer first, Linda was still jealous about that, but he’d made up for it quickly enough when he’d fucked her the very same night. Since then, he’d never fucked them individually again, always making sure they were both fucked good and hard before he left.

Both Jennifer and her appreciated that more than he knew, neither wanted to be jealous of the other when it came to Ben, they just wanted what was best for Ben.

With a sigh Linda rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shower, “Hey, wait up!” Jennifer called and Linda smiled. There was nothing better than a shared shower with her girlfriend, well, except for a shared shower with her girlfriend and Ben of course.

Ben typed away at his laptop and smiled as the audio sensors he’d installed in Linda and Jennifer’s bedroom, along with the other rooms on their condo, indicated they were up and moving.

His fingers flew across the keyboard until a big green “Activated” message appeared across his screen and he set the laptop to the side.

Standing up he winced at the sight of the large sub-woofer mounted on his floor, pointing straight down at the the girls bedroom. He really needed to rip that up, it had done it’s job and the new sensors did a far better job of delivering the subliminal programing that that monstrosity ever could.

Of course it had done it’s job well enough so he couldn’t complain about it too much. And who knew, it might still have it’s uses, after all, the small sensors in their condo were great, but they just couldn’t transmit their message through walls like the big woofer could. Perhaps he’d investigate who lived beneath the girls, after all he’d already written off the older couple that lived above him.