Tiffany wondered why he’d chosen her, it wasn’t like she had been anything special at the time, but for some reason he had. She held up her phone and snapped the mirror selfie before sending it to him, quickly typing out the emoji filled message basically begging him to come over and fuck her.

She’d been standing in line at Starbucks just off the university campus when she’d first met him. Well, met him wasn’t the right way to describe it, she’d just been in line, browsing her timeline on her phone when her fingers had moved on their own. She swiped to her home screen, flipped over to her contacts, and added a new one.

There she typed out “Owner” in the name field and filled in the rest of the details before saving it. A quick message to the newly entered contact with her full name, age, weight, and measurements followed before she swiped back to her timeline and continued on as if nothing had happened.

She had known it was strange, tried to rationalize it, tried to ignore it, even tried to delete the contact and block the number, but none of those things had worked. Instead, when the first message arrived, she found it impossible to ignore and immediately picked up her phone and read it. The message was short and simple, “send me a selfie every day”.

She’d done that everyday for the last 4 years, documenting the changes that she made to her own body over time. The change of hair colour, letting it grow out, the different hair styles, the weight loss, the cosmetic surgeries, the wildly varying fashion choices, all of it. She had molded her body in to the perfect fuck toy for him, just as he had molded her mind all those years ago.

It was six months after that day at Starbucks that she finally met him, a nondescript man, someone who didn’t stand out in a crowd in any way. She still couldn’t remember seeing him at the Starbucks, but then, why would she?

That first day had been humiliating, he’d dressed her down for her lack of oral skills. Complained about the size of her breasts, and generally told her how bad of a lay she was.

She wasn’t sure if he did anything else to her mind that day, or if it had all been in place from the start, but she took each complaint to heart. She started spending more time masturbating, more time working to save up for a breast augmentation, more time with a dildo between her lips.

For the next two years it was a recurring cycle, every few weeks he’d show up, fuck her, complain about something, and she’d spend the next weeks trying to fix it.

It was 18 months ago when he’d shown up and left without complaint, that she finally managed to orgasm herself. She hadn’t even realized that she had cum since that first day, her mind so focused on pleasing him that her own pleasure hadn’t even entered her head. It was also when she started to send him messages with her selfie, begging him to come and fuck her.

For the first few months of selfie she’d sent messages asking why and how, questions that he left unanswered, until she finally gave up. She’d tried again after his first visit, but received the same silence in return.

Her phone bleeped and she quickly read his response, “be there in 20”.

She squealed in joy as she quickly ran to the bathroom and double checked herself, before heading out to the living room and kitchen to make sure everything was clean. It had been almost a month since his last visit and she had started to get worried that he was loosing interest. She knew keep down that if he did, it might mean she got her life back, what little was left of it, but every other part of her mind screamed at her that it was the worst possible thing that could happen to her.

She finished cleaning up just in time to relax for a moment before the door to her condo opened in he walked in. She was standing just inside waiting for him and presented herself for his inspection. He looked her up and down, grabbed her tits and ass, and then nodded.

“How long have you had those tits for now Tiffany?” he asked.

“Two years Sir.”

“Time to upgrade them, and do your lips too. Next time I drop by you shouldn’t be able to close your mouth fully, got it?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now get on your knees and suck my cock… I don’t have all day you know.”

She didn’t say a word but instead did exactly as he wanted. She still didn’t know what reason he had for picking her out of all the university students that must have been in that Starbucks, but whatever it was she was glad. He’d reshaped her in to his perfect personal fuck toy and she orgasmed so hard each time he used her, that little things like giving up her entire life, infalting her tits and lips to ridiculous proportions, were not even a consideration.