“And as you can see, the stands are jam packed, ready for this years Bimbo of the Year award finals!” Casey almost yeld in to the mic as the cheering from the crowd continue behind her.

“I think we’re just about ready to start… yes… yes I see the announcer coming out on stage now. Jim, I’ll turn it back over to you in the studio for now.” she said and watched the light on the camera go dark and she let her smile fade.

It eventually turned in to a frown as she watched the first contestants step out on to the stage, “Please welcome Mandy and her ‘sponsor’ Ken!” the announcer called out as the buxom blonde wearing a skimpy bikini and heels walked just in front of a dorky looking man.

She tried to ignore it as best she could, but the crowd and announcer made that hard, she still wasn’t quite sure how she’d gotten roped in to covering this outrageous event. Oh, she knew of it before, but like most successful women, she derided it and protested it each year when it came around.

It had started a few years ago, when that misogynistic ass had been president and no one had been able to stop it now that he was out of office, and in jail. Perhpas next year, if the court cases against it ever bore any fruit, but until then, she’d been assigned to cover it.

She looked up at the stage and a second buxom contestant had joined Mandy, this time a red head dressed in a long sequined red dress. She rolled her eyes at the obvious Jessica Rabbit imitation, the man standing just behind her though looked like just another dork.

She sat there and watched the competition continue on, the contestants going through a series of demonstrations of how much of a bimbo each was. Everything form the inane “What’s your favorite sexual position”, to the pole dancing contest, to the “fastest to orgasm” race.

In the end, a blonde named Sindi won and Casey positioned herself to the rear of the stage to get the after competition interviews with each of the contestants.

Mandy was first and the entire ten minute interview was summed up with her first statement, “Like, I’m soooo disappointed I lost, but like, I’m ganna totally fuck my sponsor as soon as we get home, so it’s, like, not all that bad!”

Debbi, a brunette with legs that went on forever, had much less to say, “Like, I lost? Awe… that’s too bad! giggle

The runner up, Jessi, the Jessica Rabbit look-a-like, simply pouted and said, “I didn’t lose, the other girl just won.” in a sexy, sultry voice.

Finally the winner approached her and babbled on for what seemed like days, gushing about how happy she was. But mostly about how happy she was because her sponsor was happy and that was all she wanted in life.

Casey tried as hard as she could not to scream out for the bimbo to shut the hell up, that there was more to life than just pleasing some man. She managed to keep the professional smile on her lips, the same one she had practiced for years on the air.

It was finally over and the cameraman shut off her mike and took it from her before heading back to the van to pack up. She was about to head out herself when a voice spoke up behind her.

“Excuse me, your Casey Wright?” a man’s voice asked. She turned around to see the short, stubby man standing before her. He looked somewhat familiar but she couldn’t quite place him.

“Yes I am. And you are?”

“Richard Donner, I sponsored Sindi in this years contest.” he replied and his face clicked in to place.

“Right, yes. What can I do for you Mr. Donner?”

“Well, I wanted to see if I could get a copy of the interview and footage your network recorded of the event.”

Casey smiled and nodded her head, “Of course, here, let me get you my business card, it has the main switchboard number for the network on it and they can arrange that.” she said and turned to the side of the stage where she had placed her purse with all of her essentials in it on one of the chairs.

Before she even got bent over she felt the sting in her ass and shot bolt upright “Ouch!” she cried out and turned furiously around, glaring at Richard standing there with a syringe in his hand and a smile on his face.

She parted her lips to yell at him, but the drug hit her hard just before she could and her legs gave out from beneath her, sending her back on to the chair where she landed with a thud.

“Ooooooo… what… whats… whats happening?” she said, her head swimming in confusion.

Richard sat down beside her and half turned towards her, “We were just talking about the Bimbo of the Year award and how much you wanted to win it.” he said, matter of factly.

“We… we were? I did?”

“Oh yes, you were saying how much you admired Sindi. How you wished your tits were at least as big as hers, how you admired how vacant her head was, how horny it was making you thinking you might be able to be like her one day.”

Casey let out a moan as she closed her eyes and parted her lips, the words sinking deep in to her mind.

“Of course, you would need a sponsor. Someone you trusted. Someone you knew had your best interests at heart. Someone with experience. Someone who just sponsored the latest winner of the Bimbo of the Year award.”

Casey gasped and managed to open her eyes and look towards Richard, “Oh god… yes.. please… please will you be my sponsor?”

Richard’s face turned serious, “Well, perhaps. But I’m a strict sponsor. You’ll have to obey every rule I make. No arguments, simple obedience. How big we make your tits is my choice. What colour we make your hair is my choice. How phat we make your ass is my choice. If you can agree to that, then I’ll take you on, but if you break any of my rules, you’ll be out.”

Casey nodded, “Ok… yes… yes. I’ll do anything you want Richard.”

Richard nodded, “Alright, rule number 1, call me Sir from now on.”

“Yes Sir!” she chirped as the swirling in her head started to clear.

“Good. Now then, here is my card. On it is my address and phone number. You have two weeks to quit your job and distance yourself from your friends and family. At the end of the two weeks, call me and I’ll tell you when to arrive at my place so we can get down to work. Got it?”

“Yes Sir!”

Richard handed her a business card and then stood up, walking away from her as her eyes were fixed on his receding form. It was a few minutes before her head completely cleared and she stood up, grabbed her things and almost ran to her car. In her mind she was already making a list of things she had to do.

After all, she only had a year to become the best bimbo in the world and that meant she had to get right to it.