God, he was in her head again… Maria could feel him rummaging around inside of her mind, shifting things around, changing things.

The bastard had made her life a living hell over the last 9 months. Well, not entirely she had to admit, the orgasms where mind blowing after all. And they came so easily now too, all a guy had to do was rub her nipples a little, or lick her pussy, or slip his dick inside of any of her holes, and she was cumming like a complete slut.

It had all started when she moved in to the apartment nine months ago, it was perfect, just 15 minutes to work on the subway and close to just about everything else she could ever want. And the price, it was a good 30% below market value.

Perhaps that should have sent off alarm bells, but living in the city was expensive and so she’d just assumed there were noisy neighbours or something. But the sound proofing in the walls blocked out any noise, that she now knew was considerable, that might be coming from them.

The fist two weeks had been fine, she settled in and got unpacked, met a few of the neighbours, and explored the area. Perhaps the neighbours should have been a second red flag, but again she’d written it off at the time. Each and every one of them was a woman, and not just any woman, but young, beautify, and hot women.

After she’d settled in, she felt him enter her mind for the first time one night. She’d written it off as a headache, until she was standing in front of the full length mirror in her bathroom after her morning shower. She was checking herself out, which she did once in a while, like all women, but unlike every other time she’d done it, she was dissatisfied.

Sure, no woman was every completely satisfied with their bodies, but she had always been fine with herself. She was thin, with a nice set of firm c cups and a butt that most women had to work at to get.

This time though, she cupped her breasts and frowned. They were too small, the wrong shape, hung too low on her body. Her stomach had a slight bulge and her ass was kinda flat, which it really wasn’t.

It was then that she realized that something inside of herself had changed. She still didn’t put it together with what she had thought was a headache, until a few days later, after she’d signed up to a gym around the corner and it happened again.

This time she recognized something was off and, later on, would recognize it as him moving things around in her head. The second time had been her sex drive. She’d always been a sexual active woman, but now her sex drive was in over drive. She was masturbating every day, sometimes twice. And she was watching porn while she did!

Maria had tried to panic, call the police, run screaming in to the street, but whatever had shifted in her mind had made those things impossible. Instead, each time she had those thoughts she was driven to masturbate even more.

It was three months later, after she’d had her breast augmentation done, that she finally found out what was happening to her. It was a Saturday afternoon when a knock came at her door. Not expecting anyone, she went to answer it and stood confused when a strange man was standing in the doorway.

“Hi, Candy?” he asked and it was like a switch went off in her head.

“Yep! Come on in baby!” she enthused, only then realizing that she wasn’t in her usual t-shirt and panties, but a full set of lingerie with a silky throw over her shoulders.

That was the first day she’d found her new ability to orgasm at the slightest provocation.

It was also the day she sent in her resignation letter to work.

Since then, she had been a high class prostitute like all the other women in the building. Well, she assumed high class, as she never saw any of the money that the men paid. Instead an “allowance” was deposited in her bank account every week, which she found she could only spend on the essentials; makeup, lingerie and food.

All the women in the building talked to her about their shared situation once it was clear that Maria was ‘in’ their little club. None of them had ever met the man, which was an assumption that they all made as well, that controlled their lives, though most believed he must have visited them at some point.

Maria finally felt him leave her mind and she wondered what he had changed this time, it had been months since she’d felt him inside of her head. She tried to search through her memories for any changes, her feelings for any differences, her thoughts for any new ones, but found nothing.

She let out a sigh and went back to watching the porn she was masturbating too, accepting the fact that whatever had been done would present itself at some point.

She didn’t have to wait long as less that an hour later a knock came to her door. When she opened it she saw one of her regulars and two things became apparent. First, he was a sitting senator, something that had never clicked in her head before. And second, she loved him with all her heart.

“Daniel!” she cried out, throwing her arm around him and kissing him passionately. Her stomach was doing back flips, her pussy was on fire, her nipples were as hard a rocks. Then he reached around and grabbed her ass and she almost orgasmed right then and there as they stood in the doorway.

Later, after she’d made wild passionate love to him for as long as he could remain ridged, she snuggled in to his side as they laid in her bed. Two thoughts drifted through her mind. The first being that she now remembered a news story of his wife passing away from cancer, which meant that she was about to become a senator’s wife.

The second was a lingering question, if Daniel had been a regular with her and she had never recognized him as a senator, how many of her other regulars were rich and famous people that she had been blocked from recognizing?

A smile crossed her lips and set out a contented sigh. Well, it no longer mattered she guessed, as she had definitely been a *very* high class escort in her day, but she was going to be a senators wife now and that was all that mattered.