I sat back in my recliner and smiled as the two “angels” posed before me. The gun was a plastic replica and the knives made of rubber, but they took their roles seriously anyway.

“Don’t make us do something you’ll regret.” Kelly, the brunette said.

“I’m an expert with these…” Jill continue the threat as she brandished her knives.

It was too bad that Sabrina had escaped capture, but two out of three wasn’t so bad. And Sabrina would certainly be making an attempt to save her friends soon enough, but she had no chance at succeeded with the information her two friends had given me when they finally broke.

Breaking them had been… challenging. After all they were highly trained agents with significant counter interrogation skills at their disposal. However, in the end it was only a matter of time and effort and when Kelly cracked first, it was easy enough to use her against Jill.

They had given me everything I wanted, a complete run down of the organization they worked for, details of the people involved, personal information on their lives, and finally everything they knew about their enigmatic leader at the heart of their operation.

“You know Jill, I don’t think he’s intimidated by us, I think we’re going to have to get a little more aggressive with him…” Kelly said, sliding the barrel of her gun back and letting it slam forward.

“I agree, we’re going to have to get hands on with this one…” Jill replied and ran her two knives along each others blades as the two of the walked towards me.

“Now ladies, you should know that the is not anything you can do to make me talk…” I said as I spread my legs slightly apart just as they arrived.

They both smiled wickedly down at me, “We’ll see about that…” Kelly replied as they both sunk to their knees and undid my pants.

“We have been trained in the most rigorous of interrogations techniques.” Jill said as they both pulled my pants down around my ankles.

Kelly was the first to wrap her lips around my dick and slide it all the way down her throat, with Jill sneering up at me, “How do you like that? Are you going to talk now?” she said as she put a hand on the back of Kelly’s head.

“Come on you bastard, you know you can’t hold out forever…” Jill continued, pulling and pushing Kelly up and down.

“Fuck, you’re a tough one aren’t you? Well, we’ll see how you hold up against me…” Jill spat out and pulled Jill up and off of me and then dove down on to my shaft.

Jill stood up and quickly slipped out of her dress, placing the fake gun on top of it on the flor before swinging a leg over Kelly’s head and sitting on my abdomen.

“I’ll show you, you’ll break in no time…” Kelly said as she grabbed the back of the chair and pulled herself forward, her tits pushing up against my face as she did so.

“Come on you bastard, give us what we want now!” Kelly cried out.

After the two of them riding me hard for several minutes, I pushed Kelly back a bit, “Alright… you’ve got me… her it comes…” I said and Kelly sprang from my lap and knelt down in front of me again, pushing Jill to the side and forcing her lips on to my shaft as well. Their hands gripped me and pumped me until I could hold back no more and the two of them leaned in close to each other and opened their mouths to accept exactly what they wanted.

My cum spurt forth, hitting Kelly first, and then a second stream hit Jill, and I watched both of them shutter as an orgasm crested for both of them.

I smiled as the two dazed agents gently leaned in and continued to lick and suck at my dick. After a few moments it was interrupted as my smart watch buzzed on my wrist.

“Intruder alert!” scrolled past and my smile widened even more.

“Time to get to work ladies… operation ‘Complete Set’ is about to start.”

I watched the expression on their faces shift as the trigger word activated their new programming. Both stood up quickly, grabbed their things and rushed towards their rooms to change in to the outfits they had arrived in two weeks ago.

I walked over to my laptop and brought up the security footage, there were a few brief flashes of someone on several of the cameras, but I eventually found a clear image of Sabrina skulking around my property, heading right for the trap I’d prepared for her.

Selecting the video feed from the trap room, I wondered how long it would take Sabrina to get there. And more importantly, how long it would take me to break her with both of her friends helping.

I let out a chuckle and headed to my bedroom to change, it wouldn’t do to greet such an esteemed agent without a pair of pants on. At least, not yet anyway.