“Girls, girls, girls… what are you up to now?” I asked as Sandi and Mandi stood under the umbrella a few feet in front of me as I emerged from the store.

Giggle Like just using protection! giggle” Mandi on the left said as she looked over at me and hugged her sister Sandi in close.

I rolled my eyes, “Girls, I told you that was what I was picking up in the store! And where did you get that umbrella from anyway?”

“Oh my god, like this nice man just totally gave it to us! giggle” Sandi replied.

“Just gave it to you?” I said incredulously.

“Uh hun…” Mandi said as she nodded. I raised an eyebrow and Sandi pouted a little.

“Well… like… after I let him grope my ass of course… giggle” Sandi finally admitted.

I shook my head and walked over to them, took the umbrella and deposited it in the trash can beside them, the wrapped my arms around their waists and started to head back to my hotel room.

“You know girls, I might have fried those brains of yours just a little too much.” I said as I shook my head from side to side.

“Oh my god no!” Sandi exclaimed.

“Like, totally not!” Mandi chimed in as well.

I slipped my hands down on to their asses and they both let out a little moan and leaned in to me. I’d picked them just a little while ago, they were out with their boyfriends for dinner and I just couldn’t resist. I’d reached in to all four of their minds and sent the boyfriends off to chase some skirts down on the boardwalk, while Sandra and Marina schooched over to my table to finish their meals.

When I’d first entered their minds, it had been ugly. They were both filled with all kinds of thoughts around their careers, their boyfriends, their futures and all kinds of other clutter. I’d flushed all of that out quickly enough and got them focused on what was important in life; their looks and the pleasure they could bring men.

Of course, I did tend to go over board in my de-cluttering attempts, often clear out more than, perhaps, was necessary. Mandi and Sandi were a perfect example I guess, but then again, I didn’t hear either of them complaining so what did it really matter?

As we approached my hotel I slipped in to their minds again and was sorely disappointed once more, both were woefully under educated in how to pleasure a man.

I chuckled a little as we opened the door, it was a good thing I had a few days left in my vacation to help them along in their education. After all it wouldn’t be right to make two new bimbo’s that didn’t have the slightest idea how to give a blow job or work together in bed would it?