“Hello?” Summer asked as she answered the phone, a ridiculous antique by modern standards but it was the most modern technology she used. At least that wasn’t related to makeup or fashion at least.

“Oh, yes Sir! Of course I’ll be ready!” she replied to the question that was posed to her over the phone.

“Thank you Sir, I’ll be there early of course!” she said and then hung up the phone.

It was such a strange call, not because of what he had said or what her replies had been, but because she should have been telling him to go to hell and then called the police.

That wasn’t possible though, instead she stood up from the couch and headed to the bathroom to get ready for her “first” day at the office. The reality was that she hadn’t been in the office for three months and by the time she finished getting ready, no one would recognizer her anyway.

Almost a year ago she’d joined the company, a high tech conglomerate, as a researcher. She didn’t stand out in any way, a small mousy woman that delivered her work on time and complete.

Six months ago she’d made a breakthrough, though she hadn’t recognized it for what it was until it was too late. Instead she’d presented it to her boss, David, who’d seen it for what it was immediately. Not just the simple “self help” process that would allow a person to improve themselves through mild self hypnosis, but a way to completely bypass a person’s free will and implant thoughts and ideas in to them.

By the time she realized what was going on, she’d already resigned from the company. That wasn’t the worst of it though, David had inserted a series of ideas in to her mind and they had taken hold one by one.

The first few seemed innocuous to begin with. Like when she tried to watch her favorite science channel on YouTube but found herself instead watching makeup tutorials. Or when she’d tried to watch CNN but found herself watching the Fashion channel instead. Or when she tried to watch one of her favorite political shows but found herself watching reality TV instead.

One thing she had to admit though was that her new found interest in the gym hadn’t been a bad thing. She’d never been fat of anything but she had a pretty sedentary lifestyle and so carried a few extra pounds. Those were gone now and she was in the best shape of her life.

But then things had gone off the rails as she found herself unable to do things she could before. Like leaving the house without first checking her makeup, or going online to look for a new job, or wear comfortable clothes even around the house.

Things spiraled out of control as she primped and primed herself for hours each morning before she left her home for the gym. It was late afternoon before she returned, having spent hours working out each and every part of her body. But she really knew she was in trouble when the masturbation started.

At first she thought it was just a natural thing, she had been sexually active for many years and every once in a while she’d get the itch. But after the third night of being unable to orgasm, she knew this was different.

It was several more nights later that she finally went browsing the Internet for some soft core porn, only to find herself watching a bleached blonde on her back, her head hanging over the edge of the bed and a man, or at least his large cock, pounding her mouth as if she was some kind of blow up doll. She had orgasmed so hard when the man’s cum spurted out the sides of the actress’s mouth that she almost fell off of her bed.

For two weeks after that she watched more and more porn, cumming each night harder and harder, until, suddenly, she stopped. Cold turkey, her fingers wouldn’t even touch her computer any more. Though it didn’t mean she was still masturbation or cumming, just that now all she needed was to imagine the degrading things she had watched before.

And then, just as her savings were running low from all the new furniture, clothing and accessories she had bought, the letter arrived in the mail. The return address was her old workplace and inside was an invitation to a interview.

It had a day and time, along with a address and room number on it, but no details as to what the job might be. It didn’t matter though, on the day of the interview she got up extra early to prepare, picking out a nice dress she had bought that showed off her modest cleavage, her tight midriff and her long legs.

When she arrived, she was taken in to a private room where David was waiting. He smiled as the woman that had brought her closed the door behind her.

“God, you look better than I expected Summer. Give me a show.” he’d said and she’d smiled back, turned around once completely and then turned to face away from him. She had spread her legs apart, bent over and flipped up her dress to show off her naked pussy and ass and had held the position until he’d told her to stand up again.

The rest of the “interview” had been just as bad. He’d told her to come around and sit on his lap, where he’d proceeded to grab her breasts and reach under her dress to play with her pussy as well.

She’d let him, no she’d encouraged him. Leaning back and whispering in his ear how much she liked her breasts squeezed. How good his fingers felt in her pussy. How his hard cock pushing up against her ass would feels so good between her lips.

She had been as good as her words as the interview had finished off with her kneeling down and giving him a blowjob. Long deep strokes as she looked up at him, her eyes full of need until he gave her what she craved and she swallowed every last drop.

Summer had gotten the job of course, she’d signed the paperwork right there with the task of David’s cum still on her lips. “Personal Assistant, starting salary $27,750.”

The number still sent a shiver down her spine, it was so little, it would never cover the costs of her house. She knew she’d have to sell soon if she didn’t find another source of income at least.

She knew David knew that as well and she shuttered at the though of what else he might have in store for her, so instead she focused on taking the curlers out of her hair and finishing getting ready to head in to the office.

As she did, a stray though passed through her mind, David came from a wealthy family. Maybe if she let him fuck her like those women in the porn she had watched, like a blow up sex doll made for his pleasure, maybe then she could afford to keep her house.

She smiled and turned around from the waist up, grabbing her own ass to go even farther and spread he ass cheeks at the same time. It was a good thing that she’d scheduled an anal bleaching last week, after all, the women in those pornos loved nothing more than having their asses fucked and she was pretty sure that David would want to bend her over his desk first thing this morning. There was no way she wasn’t going to be ready for him to fuck her ass on the first day of her new job, that would just never do.