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Ongoing site updates, general thoughts and other stuff

Over the last few weeks I’ve been cleaning up some remaining grunge from both the WordPress.com migration as well as my Tumblr migration from 2018.

Some of this is things you’ll never notice, like changing links in the background to serve some old images from my site instead of the old Tumblr CDN.

Other are noticable unfortunately. There are two of my old posts that contained video links and it looks like WordPress.com didn’t export them and I have no way (so far) to track them down. I’ve left the text of the posts in place, but they no longer display an image. In one case I found a thumbnail of the video and put that in the post, which should provide enough reference for it to make sense.

In some good news, I’ve finally gotten my draft queue down to what I consider a reasonable level (from ~120 to below 50) over the last couple of weeks. As a result, and partly because of the above cleanup, I was looking at the “Drafts” dump I did when I left Tumblr and have decided to add them to my current drafts as there are some interesting images there I really do want to write captions for.

Unfortunately, that does mean my drafts queue is now up over 130 again πŸ™

In related news, if anyone has been looking at my status page you might have noticed that I have 267 posts in the queue, which means there are daily post all the way up to (nearly) the end of October, and I have even started adding post in to 2022. I currently have 139,000+ words scheduled to be posted (and ~950k words posted).

My goal for the next few weeks is to get the daily posts completed until the end of the year, and then focus on writing some longer stories as well to start working backwards through my old blog posts to properly tag them.

You may have also noticed there are a few new things here on the site as well:

  • At the bottom of the post queue list on the status page is the total of queued stories.
  • The status page also has links at the top of it to sections for easier navigation.
  • The Stories menu now has sub-menu items; My Stories, Bimbo of Billionaire Universe, OTTII Universe.
  • My Stories takes you to the old menu item, which is a list of my stories in a sortable format.
  • Bimbo or Billionaire Universe takes you to a summary of the Bob Universe as well as a sortable list of stories and other items in it.
  • OTTII Universe takes you to a summary of the OTTII Universe and a sortable list of stories in it.
  • I’ve removed the Contact menu item as it is now a duplicate of the e-mail menu item on the social media links menu at the top of the page (I might do the same with the Links menu item as it is 90% duplicated by the same menu).
  • There is now an Archive drop down menu, which links to a yearly archive of all the posts on the blog.

On a semi-funny note, I recently grabbed an image to caption and after saving it I could have sworn that I’d used it before. However I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the caption would have been.

Hence why the archive pages were created, as it was bugging me so much I went back through the enter blog to try and find the image. In the end I didn’t find a duplicate, but did find a very similar image that must have tweaked the recognition for me.

While I was going through the archive though, I did end up finding another very recent image that I captioned (not yet published) that did turn out to be a duplicate. Not bad for almost 7 years of captions πŸ™‚

And on that note, March 14 will be the 7 year anniversary of opening my Tumblr. After that, July 13th will be my 13th anniversary of my first published story on mcstories.com. So that’s something πŸ˜‰

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