Candy ran her hands through her hair and then ran the fingers of her left hand over her lips and frowned. Was it time already to refill her lips? They felt kinda flat…

She let out a sigh and took another step out of the and made a mental note to schedule an appointment. At the top of the steps she stood for a moment and slipped her hands under her tits and gave them a bit of a lift and wondered if it might be time to upgrade them as well.

She bent down and grabbed her towel and dried off her feet and then slipped in to the pink heels that were awaiting her. Taking great care to place one foot over the other, she slowly walked towards the patio with a smile on her lips.

Inside though, she was still thinking about her appearance, was her ass swaying enough? Were her tits big enough? Was her hair blonde enough?

She often had these thoughts and she wondered if they were her own or not. She certainly *thought* they were her own thoughts. She could remember thinking how small her tits were before her first surgery. How bland her hair was before her first dye job. How flat her ass was before the hours in the gym.

But were they her’s really? Because she could also remember a time when she’d been quite happy being a flat chest, flat assed, brunette that covered up every inch of her body religiously.

The sound of her heels on the patio send a chill up her spine and she let out a giggle for no other reason than if felt like the thing to do. She turned towards Xander and gave him a little wave before stepping towards him and eventually sitting on the chair beside him under the large umbrella.

“Hey baby! *giggle*” she said and gave her tits a little shake at the same time.

Xander looked up from his book and smiled at her, “Hey yourself.” he said with a wink.

His gaze sent another chill through her body and she sighed contently as she slumped back in to the chair. She’d never felt like this about anyone else, and Xander knew it.

Of course it was also when she’d met Xander that things had started to change for her, something that even her pea brain could tell was a suspicious coincidence. Of course it wasn’t just the timing that made her suspicious, it was the other things too. Things like the girls in shops and restaurants that always seemed to drop anything they were doing and come straight over to serve him.

Things like the men that gave him all kinds of expensive gifts, like high end cars and even homes!

Things like the fact she had never once seen him pay for anything or shown any ID, not even when they were checking in to a five star hotel or getting on a plane.

But she never seemed to be able to put it all together and so she usually just giggled a bit when she started thinking about it and moved on. She heard herself giggle and knew that was exactly what she was doing right then as well.

“Uhm, like babe, do I need to get my tits done again?” she asked with concern and Xander looked back up from his book once more.

He reached over and pulled her bikini to the sides and then squeezed one of her tits, “Nope, they’re perfect.”

All she could do was giggle in response as the pleasure from the compliment overwhelmed her brain.

“Though it looks like it’s time to fill up those lips again.” he said.

Candy’s eyes went wide, “Oh my god! Like I was just thinking that too! Babe, your so smart! *giggle*”

He nodded and looked down at his book once more, “Oh, and why don’t you get the tongue piercing you’ve been thinking about too.”

She blinked several times, had she been thinking of a tongue piercing? She wasn’t sure, but she definitely knew that a tongue piercing would be a great addition, she could already imagine what it would feel like sliding it up and down Xander’s dick.

She let out a giggle and slipped down on to her knees and moved over between Xander’s legs, “Like, ok baby. Let me totally give you one last blowjob before I get it though! *giggle*”

She expertly pulled down his swimsuit and wrapped her lips around him, slipping him all the way in to her throat as she bobbed up and down.

She couldn’t wait to get her tongue pierced, she’d been wanting to do it for so long, she couldn’t understand why she hadn’t already!