“OH MY GOD! What’s going on! Why am I naked?!?!” Shawna screeched as she clutched her arms over her upper body.

“Oh you’re not naked, not yet at least, you still hvae your shorts and stockings on!” a man’s voice came from across the room where he was seated. She recognized him immediately.

“Barry?!?” she screamed at her ex-husband.

“The one and only. Now put those arms at your side so I can see what I paid for.” he said.

To her utter horror, her arms obeyed him and dropped to her sides.

That’s when she gasped at what she saw. Her small A cups were gone, replaced by obviously fake breasts that sat unnaturally high on her chest and protruded out, defying gravity.

It took her a moment to recognize the other changes as they were not as obvious. Her body had changed, gone was the small paunch of fat that she’d hated all her life, her normally pale white skin replaced with a nice golden tan, her dark brown hair now a golden blonde.

“What the fuck!” she cried out and went to take a step off the bed where she was standing like some kind of mannequin. But her feet refused to move.

“What? Still not happy even after the divorce Shawna?” Barry said with a chuckle and Shawn tried to make sense of what was going on.

She tried to remember the last thing she could before realizing she was half naked in a motel room with her ex. She scrunched her forehead and remembered the meeting at the lawyers. No, that wasn’t quite right, it was a lawyer’s office, it was some kind of arbitration office.

That’s right, she’d signed a prenup, at Barry’s insistence that required a devoice to go to some kind of arbitration company… what was it’s name… It didn’t matter, she was going to fight it anyway in court no matter what came out of the process.

“Face the wall, hands flat on it at shoulder height and give that ass a wiggle for me Shawna.” Barry’s voice filled the room again and before she could say anything she turned to the wall and did just what he said.

“Damn! That new workout routine they’ve got you on had done wonders for your ass Shawna.” Barry said and Shawna could hear the sincerity in his voice.

She heard him get up out of the chair and walk over to the bed, she felt his hands on her ass and against her own will a moan escaped her lips. It felt incredible! She’d never felt anything like it!

And then her whole body shook as his other hand reached out and grabbed a hold of her breast.

“Oh my god! S… s… st… stop that…” she managed to get out as a feeble rebuke.

He ignored her and continued to play with her breasts as well as her ass until he seemed to have enough.

“Alright, face me and get down on your knees.” Her body obeyed immediately and she was face to face with him. He gently pushed her backward on to the bed and then pulled her legs out from under her. It only took him a moment to remove the tiny jean shorts from around her waist.

Then he leaned over and started to suck on her left nipple, using his fingers to pull and twist her right one. She gasped and moaned from the plesaure, a few words escaping in between that only encouraged him onward.

Then he shifted forward and slipped his dick inside of her, the words that came out of her mouth were utterly out of her control.

“Oh god Barry, fuck me. Fuck me with that big hard dick of yours! Fuck me like the gold digging whore I am!”

He didn’t last long, she felt his cum inside of her and once more, against her own free will, her body arched and she orgasmed hard.

* * *

Shawna opened her eyes and smiled, she could still feel the cum dribbling out of her pussy, which meant her mystery man had already left. It was the same every time, he’d be in the room already, obscured by the darkness, he’d give her some commands and then he’d fuck her silly and by the time she recovered he’d be gone.

She reached down between her legs and with scooped a bit of his cum up with her fingers, then brought them up to her mouth and sucked them clean, a shiver of pleasure running through her body as she did so.

It didn’t take long for her to get cleaned up and dressed again, her cut off jeans and tiny white top hugging every inch of her body that they covered.

She checked herself in the mirror and turned to the side, frowning at what she saw. Her tiny old tits had been a real disappointment, she loved her new ones, but couldn’t wait until the doc said it was ok to do a second round of implants… maybe even a third depending on how big he could go this time.

She wiggled her ass over to the nightstand where her small purse sat and opened it, like always her payment was inside. She turned to the door and walked out of the hotel room, eager to see her mystery man again next week.