Jen relax in the recliner and let her eyes close, her lips slightly parted as she spread her legs and let the feeling of calmness wash over her. After just a moment, her hand slipped down over her ass and gently started to rub her pussy.

“Like this? Oh, you are so right, it feels so good!” she said, lazily as she let out a soft moan.

“Your right, I am such a slut. I never would have though of masturbating in front of someone if you hadn’t suggested it as therapy. It feels… so… so naughty! But I just can’t stop doing it!”

She bit her lower lip as she continued for a moment before reaching up with her other hand and gripping her breast.

“I’ve been doing it in front of my husband each night and… and… and the filthiest of words keep coming out of my mouth! I kept telling him how much of a slut I am, how humiliating and degrading it was to be masturbating in front of him. How… how… how I as nothing more that three holes and a pair of tits for him.”

She let out a heavy gasp as her fingers slipped in to her pussy, “I really need your help again… how… how do I stop saying these things?”

She continued masturbating until she felt his hand on the side of her head and he turned it towards him, then she felt something push up against her lips and she had her answer.

If her husband was fucking her mouth there was no way she would be able to say those filthy and disgusting things while she masturbated for him.

She marvelled at the Therapists brilliance and wondered how long it would be until he had resolved all of her issues. She hoped it wouldn’t be too soon, she enjoyed coming to her weekly sessions too much for them to end.