Alana could feel the cold energy of the necklace circulating around her body as she stood at the bottom of the stairs and waited for Donald’s approval. His simple nod sent a shiver through her and a bright smile crossed her lips, not of her own choosing, but of necessity.

She had always brushed off the rumors of Donald’s “powers”, magic wasn’t real and she was a modern woman who knew it. Of course the rumors persisted in and amongst their mutual social group, with Donald often bring in new women to it every few months, only for them to leave when they were no longer with him.

Alana had paid it no real mind until Donald’s father had died, leaving Donald everything he had which was a considerable fortune. While this certainly was a big change in Donald’s behaviour, what she hadn’t know was that it was the details of his father’s will that had been the impetus for the change.

Apparently his father had been Donald’s revolving door of women, and so the will had stipulated that within one year of his death, Donald had to be married to a proper, respectable woman of equal social standing as his family.

Within their social circle there were perhaps a half dozen women that Donald could have chased after, but even they would all have agreed that Alana was head and shoulders above the others. She was naturally beautify, came from old money, and had a grace and about herself that everyone respected instantly.

Well, everyone except Donald of course. In all the years they’d known each other, Donald had always been cold and borderline disrespectful to her, and she to him. It was a mutual standoff and they had both seemed fine with it, that is until she’d received his gift on her 24th birthday.

It had arrived in the mail, a luxurious box that screamed quality before she’d even opened it. Inside was the simple, but beautiful necklace. She’d been unable to resist touching it and when she did a shiver of cold ran up her fingers, through her arm and in to her spine. Without another thought, she’d put it on and let out a little moan as she did.

That day had sealed her fate, she wore the necklace more and more until it barely every left her neck. By the time she realized it’s power, it was too late, it had enthralled her.

A few weeks later, when Donald had dropped by when “he was in the area”, she’d rolled her eyes. Until she’d caught sight of the matching ring on his finger. She’d gasped and stared at it, then at his eyes, then the ring again. That had been the last day she’d made any choices for herself.

She knew at that very moment the rumors were true, Donald had a power, a magic, that had control over her. He’d stepped inside, closed the door behind him and quickly had his way with her. She could still clearly remember the mind blowing orgasm that she’d had when he’d cum on her face, and still wondered how each orgasm after that had only gotten more and more powerful.

Since then her life had been a whirlwind of activity, as she rearranged her entire life around Donald. She was always on his arm, always going where he wanted, doing what he wanted, eagerly telling her friends how much she enjoyed every moment of it.

She had no other choice, the power he had over her made it so.

And now, here she was, standing in front of him as they were leaving to visit her parents, to tell them the good news. They were engaged and soon they would be married. After all, Donald had a deadline to beat and Alana was what he needed to do it.

In the back of her mind she often wondered what would happen afterwards, did the will contain more requirements? Once the deadline had passed would Donald discard her like all the other women he’d had? With no choice in the matter though, she just pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind and hopped that the next orgasm would wash them away.