Tessa inhaled deeply as she knelt down by the flower, letting the scent fill her. A shiver of pleasure raced through her as it did and she let out a little whimper as she exhaled and it left her.

She inhaled again and repeated the cycle several more times, just like she had the past three days.

It had started last week, when she was sunning by her pool, a strange oder had wafted across from her neighbours yard that had caused her nose to tingle. She’d never smelled anything like it before, but she knew he was in to botany and flowers, so she’d just written it off, not wanting to engage him.

It wasn’t like he was a bad neighbour or anything, just that he was old and she was young and they had nothing in common.

The second day, the scent had been even stronger and it was just her nose that was tingling. She’d followed the scent all the way to the shared fence between their properties and drank it in for a few minutes until it subsided.

On the third day she’d been very hesitant, but had slipped around the fence and tracked down the flowering plant that the scent was coming from. She’d stood by it and let it wash over her for quite a while until slowly faded.

And then, for the last three days, she’d gotten down on her knees so she could get every last bit of the effect.

But, just like every day, it eventually faded and she stood up and walked back to her house, feeling relaxed, happy, and to be honest, horny.

* * *

Tessa opened her front door to Karl, her neightbour with the amazing flower, and instantly smiled.

“Hi Karl.”

“Hi Tessa, how are you?”

She was just about to answer when the scent of the flower once more filled her nostrils and she gasped just a little, “Oh… oh my… I… I… I’m gooooood…” she managed to get out a little dreamily.

Tessa didn’t noticed the predatory smile on Karl’s face, “That’s good. I was wonder if I could borrow a cup of sugar… or something else that was sweet?”

Karl didn’t wait for a reply, instead stepping half way in to the doorway, pushing the scent even closer to Tessa and she swooned in response, “Sweet? Yeah… sure…”

He put his arm around her waist and guided her gently inside, closing the door behind him. Tessa leaned in as close as she could to him, resting her head on his chest, inhaling the scent with each breath.

She didn’t even realize they weren’t headed to the kitchen, she was too intoxicated with the scent to notice that they instead moved in to the living room and Karl sat down on the couch.

Tessa didn’t need any encouragement to join him, leaning over to once more rest her head on his chest. But this time, as she did, she noticed the scent was slightly stronger lower down on his chest, and so she followed it down. Down. Down. Until her face was resting in his lap.

She had to find out where it was coming from, so her fingers quickly worked at the zipper and belt of his pants, releasing even more of the scent as she did so until the source was revealed. A small ring of the flowers around the base of his hard shaft.

She dover for it but he caught her before she made it even half way there, moving her head over so her lips were just above the head of his cock. She didn’t fight it, instead opening her lips and driving him in to her throat until the flowers touched her nose.

She had to come up for air after a minute, but quickly dove down again. She repeated the action again and again. Lost in the scent, she hardly noticed when he held her head down and filled her mouth with his cum, quickly swallowing it so she could once again inhaled the scent of the flowers.

The mix of the scent of the flowers and cum sent her over the edge and she orgasmed herself.

* * *

Tessa basked in the afterglow of the powerful orgasm as she heard her front door close as Karl left, the small ring of flowers around her fingers as she inhaled the fading scent.

She knew that what had just happened hadn’t been entirely right, it wasn’t like she’d really consented, but then again, she hadn’t not consented either.

She let out a sigh and smiled, perhaps she’d deserved it, if only a little bit, she had trespassed on his property after all.

Her grin grew more wicked as a thought crossed her mind, maybe if she trespassed a litte more, like in to his home, she’d deserve more than just a blowjob.