God, why did it have to be billiards? Billiards!

He’d been playing with her mind for months, twisting her in to his personal play thing, why play with her this way now?

Perhaps it was because she’d off handedly mentioned having played pool in university when he forced her to talk about her life before she met him. Maybe he just liked playing pool? Or maybe he just wanted to humiliate her in public some more.

Either way, here they were, she’d already lost her jewelery and dress, and was down to her lingerie and heels. She knew her bra would be next and then her panties, then… well, he liked to fuck her with her heels on so she figured that would mark the end of the twisted game he was playing.

At least she had a little bit of a break at the moment, he’d gone to the washroom and told her to “put on a show for the other players.” To which she’d shimmied up on to the table and was currently sliding the pool cue between her tits like an elongated dick. She slide it up until the but was right at her pussy and gyrated her hips as she rose her head up a little so she could lick the upper part of the shaft as she moaned a little.

The other players were all looking on and enjoying the show, but all she wanted to do was to pick up one of the many balls around her and toss it at them.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how she looked at it, he didn’t take long to return and told her to get off the table and rack the balls.

Two games later and she was strutting around the pool hall naked, asking any of the other players if they wanted to play with her. Several took her up on her offer, a few even figured out that it was more than just a question of playing pool and groped her throughout the game that they played.

After a few hours, when she returned to the table with him at it, she was a mess, but glad that it was over.

He looked at his watch and then back up at her, “Did any of them fuck you?” he asked.

“No Sir.”

“Why not?”

Her face twisted in to a confused expression, “I… I don’t know. Were they supposed to Sir?”

He nodded his head side to side in disappointment, “God, you weren’t this dumb when I met you were you?”

“I don’t know Sir, maybe, it’s hard for me to remember.”

He smiled a little at that, “Fair enough. Well go back around and this time make sure to fuck as many of them as you can.”

“Yes Sir.” she replied and walked back towards the first player she had approached before, this time making sure she was clear in what ‘playing with her’ meant.

When she finished fucking the last man in the pool hall she arrived back at his table and panicked, he was no longer there. She rushed up to the front of the pool hall, “Excuse me… the man on table 13… did you see him?”

“Hmm? Oh, yeah he paid his bill and left a while ago. Told me to give you this.” he said and handed her a slip of paper. She unfolded it and read it over and over again.

Gwen Thompson Pool Hall Slut Fucks any man holding a cue Home room? Right here. P.S. Maybe, if you’re lucky and I get board, I’ll drop by someday for another game, till then make sure you live up to your new job title.

She read it one last time and her lower lip quivered and she knew what she had to do. Grabbing her clothes, she headed back in to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and got dressed once more before returning to the front desk.

“Excuse me sir, do you happen to need a bartender or waitress? I could really use a job and I’m going to be spending a lot of time here anyway.”

The man raised his eyebrow, “Oh?”

She nodded her head, “Oh yes, and I’m a very hard worker, just like yourself. In fact, I think your so hard that maybe I can help with that too…” she replied, smiling and stepping behind the counter, lowering herself on to her knees.

It would be a position she’d taken quite often in the future, but she figured if she was going to be a Pool Hall Slut, she might as well earn a living at the same time.