Capri held out her phone and snapped the selfie, then, grabbed hold of the side of her top and pulled it over so her nipple was exposed and took another one.

She sent both to Richard with the message “God, I want you to fuck my tits so bad!”

She placed her top back over her nipple and then turned to the mirror to double check her makeup and hair. When she was satisfied she left the bathroom and shut off the lights behind her. She walked over to her closet and found the perfect pair of high heels, then went to her nightstand and grabbed the small purse that only contained her ID, her condo key and several condoms, before leaving the bedroom as well.

She walked out to her living room and towards the front door of her condo and the waited, her hands holding her purse in front of her.

It was these times she hated the most, when she wasn’t thinking about how to make herself look slutty, or how to get Richard to fuck her in some dirty, depraved way. The times when there was nothing to do but reflect on the slut she had become.

No! Not become, that Richard had made her. She corrected herself mentally about the distinction. She knew it was important, knew that if she let those little things slip that she would eventually lose everything she had been.

There had been a time when she and Richard were equals, both VP’s at the same company, both trying to replace the retiring CEO. Two years seemed like an eternity now though.

She had tried to undercut him at every turn in the lead up to the board meeting, where they both were presenting their pitch for the top job, and she thought she’d had him when he volunteered to go first. Even now, she could only remember the bright flash of light, followed by the board and herself congratulating him on getting the job.

She knew that whatever that flash had been was responsible for everything that had happened since then. Her turning in her resignation letter, the plastic surgery, her job at the strip club, her insatiable need to suck and fuck any dick she saw. She’d even legally changed her name from Claudia to Capri, no last name.

It had been six months after her resignation that Richard had appeared at the strip club she was working at. She’d already had her first breast augmentation and had been giving blow jobs in the VIP for almost a month. As soon as she’d seen him she’d tried to make a bee line for the back, to avoid him at any cost, but her feet had instead sent her around the room in a circle until she was standing right in front of him.

Ten minutes later she had been on her knees in the VIP, her lips wrapped around his cock and her head bobbing up and down in time with the thumping beat of the music. He’d dropped by every few weeks after that, as she slowly degraded herself more and more in front of him each time. Begging him to fuck her, use her, do whatever he wanted to her.

It was only after her second boob job that he’d taken her up on her offer and arranged to come over to her condo. He’d fucked her tits and cum all over her face that first time, and she’d cried out with the orgasm that washed over her. Over the next few weeks he’d used each and every one of her holes, but he always seemed to come back to her tits no matter what.

She’d gotten her third augmentation just over three months ago, purely so they would be better for him to fuck. He had done all this too her, and yet, there she was, standing by her front door waiting for him to arrive.

Mercifully he knocked at her door, taking her mind off of the past and back on to the present. She wiggled her ass forward and opened it, “Hi baby!” she cried out and threw her arms around him, pushing her tits in to his chest and wiggling them from side to side.

He reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a little smack for good measure as he leaned in and kissed her. She let out a moan and her hands slipped off his shoulders and down to his crotch.

Before she could do much, he broke it off and pushed her hands away, “Not now slut, soon, but not now.”

She pouted and lowered her head.

“Are you ready to go?” he asked.

She smiled and nodded, “Of course baby!”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her out in to the hallway and she closed the door behind her. She knew where they were headed, deep down she was desperate to go back to her condo and lock the door, refusing to let him in. But every other part of her was on edge, eager to be taken to the humiliating destination that was the quarterly board meeting.

She knew she’d spend it under the conference table, sucking each and every dick that was there, swallowing each and every last drop of cum they would give her.

She didn’t know how many of them would recognize her, it had been so long since the last time she was there, and she looked so different. But as much as there was a small part of her that wanted to run away and hide, there was a much larger part of her that hoped each and everyone of them would know who she was and just how much of a slut she had become.

The feeling of Richards hand on her ass as they walked to the elevators removed any idea that she might have had to correct that thought.