I looked down at the photo and smiled, the seventies were such an interesting decade, if a little simpler. I farrowed my brow in thought as I racked me brain for the names of the two women in the photo.

Crystal… yes, the one on the left had been named Crystal. Though I doubted it had been her real name, it was what she’d called herself and I had found no reason to question it.

The other woman was… was… Heather? No, not Heather. Perhaps Brandy? Donna! Yes, that was it, Donna.

It was all coming back to me now. I’d met both of them at the grocery store, fighting over a cantaloupe of some other fresh produce. The shouting match they had gotten in to was what had drawn my attention. Crystal was in a green and white top with bellowing sleeves and a flower pattern of some kind. While Donna had been in a terrible brown polyester jacket and white blouse on under it.

I’d seen the manager approaching them just in time to redirect him away, and then I’d reached in to the two women’s minds and switched the growing animosity between them in to growing desire. Their faces had twisted in to a confusion for just a second before softening in to smiles as they each started flirting with each other.

I approached them and with a warm smile introduced myself. It was only a few minutes later when the three of us had walked out of the store together, each of the ladies on one side of me.  The photo had been taken a few days later at Donna’s house, after a particularly energetic three way in the living room. The two women’s feeling having grown from attraction to outright lust.

I, on the other hand, had already started to grow bored with them. They were fun, for sure, but it would only be a few more days before I left them and moved on. In my many millennial of existence, few women held my attention for long.

I ran my finger over the photo and then cast my gaze to the one below it, Crystal was eagerly eating out Donna, it was taken just a few minutes after the first.

The photo album was large, and only one of many.  Of the modern worlds many wonders, photography was the greatest I had ever encountered. I let out a sigh and smiled as I pulled the first photo from the page and handed it to Betty, the naked blonde that was standing in front of me. She wasn’t my usual type, small breasts, a little overweight, but she did have the skills I needed at this particular moment in time.

She gingerly took the photo from my hand and walked over to the computer, setting it on the scanner and digitizing it before adding the information I dictated to her about it.

I had procrastinated for a long time, but now it was time to get with the times, these computers were not a fade that was going away. Having my entire collection in my pocket was a wonder that might even rival the camera, but there were still decades to go before it was complete.

I reached out in to Betty’s mind and made a few adjustments. First was to get her on a proper diet and exercise plan. The second was a new fashion sense. And third was to document her changes for the archive.

After all, she was going to have to be around for a long time to complete the entire archive and I see no reason not to continue using her skills even after that.