Dolly remained motionless as the men walked by her on the street outside of the window. As each one did Dolly hoped one would turn towards the door and come in to the shop, purchase her and take her home.

No! No, she couldn’t think that way, her name was Donna and she wasn’t some kind of sex doll, no matter what appearances might say otherwise.

It was hard though, those thoughts kept coming in to her mind no matter how hard she fought against them. For example just then, she’d been sitting in the display for over an hour and right up until a moment ago, she’d slipped in to the Dolly mode and let her mind drift away.

It was getting harder and harder to break out of that mindset, each day it was easier to just let what they’d done take over completely, but she wouldn’t let it.

It was even getting hard to remember who “they” were. Well, it wasn’t like she knew any of them really, just their faces and voices as they’d worked on her week after week.

She’d heard of such things happening before, but like everyone else, she never thought it would happen to her. Sure, she’d slipped behind in some bills and as a result moved in to a seedier neighbourhood, but still, she hadn’t sunk that low… or so she thought.

But one night as she walked home to her apartment, she’d felt a sharp jab on her left butt cheek, the world start to spin, and then blackness.

She didn’t know how long she had been out for, but it probably was only a few hours, as when she woke up she was in a hospital room of some kind. She wasn’t strapped down, but she couldn’t move either.

At first she was alone, again she didn’t know for how long, it seemed like hours, but it might not have been. Then a nurse came in, then two doctors came in and started discussing the changes that they were going make.

She wanted to scream out, to tell them to fuck off, but her body refused to move.

Instead they poked and prodded her, marking up her body with markers until they seemed satisfied and then left. The next several weeks were surgery after surgery, as they cut in and reshaped her body and face.

When they were done, she looked nothing like her old self. Her body was hairless, even her head! Her breasts were enormous and fake. Her waist was tiny and her ass wide. Her feet were pointed downward in a way she knew would never change. And her skin had an unnatural shine to it.

And then came the programming. A helmet was had been placed her her head, covering her ears and eyes as an IV drip sent a chemical cocktail of drugs in to her that made everything spin.

Dolly’s heart raced as the door to the store opened and a made stepped in, pausing for just a moment to take a glance at her.

“Is this the newest model?” then man asked.

“Yep, just got her in the other day.” Dolly’s heart skipped a beat with pride, she was the best dolly ever made and she was proud of it!

The shopkeeper came over to the display, “She’s got the latest audio options as well…” he said as he reached down to the back of her neck and Dolly felt the pressure of the button being pressed.

“Dolly Fucktoy wants to play, do you want to play with me?” The sound came out of her mouth and her lips moved but it wasn’t caused by her vocal cords. Instead the pre-recorded sayings came form the surgical implanted speaker in her throat, her lips being driven by the electrodes that ran from the controller to her jaw and lips. It made it appear she was lip syncing her own speech.

Donna struggled to regain herself, the the press of the button sending a wave of pleasure through her that pushed anything but Dolly to the back of her mind. She managed to resurface herself just as the two men were finishing their conversation.

“Do you need delivery as well?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“No problem, let’s go to the counter and get your details.”

The man smiled and turned to her, reaching down and tapping the button on the back of her neck a few times.

“Dolly wants a cock! Give Dolly a cock!” came from her along with the jolt of pleasure.

“Dolly is a bad girl, Dolly needs a good spanking!”

“Dolly has big titties! Dolly loves her big titties played with!”

The man chuckled as he walked away, “Hey, how many speech packs does she come with? Can I add more?”

“She comes with six packs by default, but you can add pretty much as many more as you like. You can download them right too her once you connect her to your home network.”

“Great awesome.”

Dolly was lost in pleasure again, but it didn’t matter any more. Dolly was going to have a new owner soon and that would make Dolly complete. If Dolly was lucky, her owner would play with her every day and push that nasty little girl right out of her head for good.