Elena tilted her sun glasses down a bit and then tried to smile, it was hard though as she’d just gotten her latest round of fillers in her lips yesterday and they were still a little numb from the experience.

So instead she jiggle her tits from left to right a few times as her boyfriend walked towards her. Well, boyfriend wasn’t really the right word to describe him, it wasn’t like they were emotionally involved, at least he wasn’t, that was for sure.

Sugar Daddy? Well, maybe. He did pay for her new tits and the fillers, and her clothing, and her condo. But it wasn’t like there was some kind of spoken agreement about it, and he never actually gave her cash or anything.

Side action? No, because he didn’t hide her away or have anyone else that she knew of. He didn’t hesitate to take her out on the town, on vacation, to the clubs, and show her off.

Friends with benefits? Definitely not. They never talked about anything other than sex. In fact, she barely talked at all when they were together. The most she ever spoke was when he was fucking her senseless and she was begging him for more.

Fuck bunny? OH! Just the thought sent a shiver down her spine, that was definitely it. She was his fuck bunny, plain and simple. Her purpose was to look pretty and be ready for him to use at the drop of a hat… or his pants.

He finally step right up to her, wrapped an arm around her, grabbing her ass and kissing her on her newly inflated lips. She let out a moan, a little from the discomfort but mostly from the pleasure that ran through her right to her pussy.

He broke off the kiss after a few moments and then guided her from her condo to his waiting car, she didn’t know where they were headed, but it didn’t matter. As soon as he pulled out of the parking lot she leaned over the center console and started to unzip his pants.

After all, a fuck bunny with new lips just had to put them to use as soon as possible.

* * *

Dean looked down, Elena’s head bobbing up and down in his lap, his right hand grabbing her ass as she worked his manhood between her new lips.

He smiled, remembering the Elena he’d started dating just six months ago, he still had screen shots of the dating profile she’d put up and he chuckled every time he looked at them.

The mousy brunette, with small breasts and clothing that looked right out of the 60’s, hadn’t been very appealing to him, but there was something in the face, something that had drawn him in.

Which was a good thing as the rest of the profile had read like feminist drivel mixed with an eco terrorist manifesto.

Fortunately The Perfect Match dating service could take care of all those little annoyances and now Elena was the perfect girl for him.

Well, perhaps not quite perfect yet. The first set of implants had really helped her tits, but the second would really fill her out, and even with the latest fillers, her lips needed a little more volume, and as much as she had been working on her ass in the gym there was still work to be done.

So, perhaps another six months of work before she was perfect. No matter though, even if she turned out to be less than perfect, he had a lifetime membership to The Perfect Match dating service and there was always another match to be had there.