“Like, oh my gosh, again?!? giggle” Ditzy exclaimed as she twirled her hair and held her drink.

Ditzy was pretty sure she’d been smart at some time in the past and would never have agreed to, well, pretty much everything she did these days, but Ditzy just felt so good doing it she couldn’t say no.

So Ditzy turned to the side, set her drink down on the end table beside the couch and then turned back to Jimmy before taking a big deep breath and starting once more.

“Ditzy is gonna suck you off…” she sang as she reached around and unhooked her bikini top.

“Ditzy is gonna make you cum…” she continued as she pulled her top down and twirled it around once or twice before tossing it on the couch behind her.

“Ditzy’s got some big fake titties…” she sang as she swayed her hips and grabbed her tits, then reached down and hooked her thumbs under her bikini bottom.

“Ditzy’s got a needly little pussy…” she continued as she pulled her bottoms down and let them fall to the ground.

“But Ditzy’s gonna suck you off… Ditzy’s gonna suck you off… Ditzy’s gonna suck you off…” she repeated as she dropped to her knees and took Jimmy’s dick in her hands and then in to her mouth as the song continued to play over and over in her mind.

Jim watched Desdemona’s head, or Ditzy as she called herself now, bob up and down to the unheard rhythm of the music that he knew played in her mind.

He’d never imagined it would work this well on his neighbour, the annoying bitch had been running around like she owned the entire subdivision since she’d moved in. Demanding one thing or another from just about everyone on the street.

He’d put up with it the first time because, well, she was hot. A tight body, that even the slightly baggy clothes she wore couldn’t completely hide. Of course the slightly goth ascetic she presented to the world really didn’t suit her, but that had been one of the first things to go.

The rest of the neighbourhood knew little about him, other than he wasn’t to be trifled with and worked for the government in some clandestine fashion. So when a small group approached him one day about Desdemona, well, he knew they were serious.

So he’d listened to their stories of how she had wronged each and everyone of them. She’d “dropped in” to use one of their pools without asking. She’d called the bylaw enforcement officer on one of their fences which was slightly out of code. She’d nearly run over on of the senior citizens that lived in the area. She’d, literally, taken candy from one of their children.

This list went on and on.

He would have normally not gotten involved, if it had gotten bad enough, he’d have simply moved. It wasn’t like his job let him put down root or anything, so it would have been no big deal to him.

But Desdemona had crossed a line when she complained to him, after peeping in to his living room one night, that games were for kids and he should get rid of his console.

The nerve of the woman was unbelievable. And so, he’d done some unethical research, found what he was looking for, and procured it within a week of his concerned neighbours dropping by.

The gas was highly illegal of course, and it’s effectiveness was disputed over all, which is why he’d tripled the recommended dose when he released it in to her bedroom after she’d fallen asleep.

The next morning Ditzy was born. Gone was the strong willed, stubborn, abrasive, annoying, bitchy Desdemona and in her place was a docile, airheaded bimbo that went along with anything she was told.

It took a few weeks to clean up her old life, but he’d done his homework first and been prepared. A quick e-mail to her work ended her career, a few posts on her social media alienated what few “friends” she had, and some quick paperwork gave him and the other neighbours power of attorney for her.

Since then, Ditzy has become a “ward of the neighbourhood”, all of her expenses are taken care of by the group, her home is paid for and owned by the neighbourhood, and Ditzy, well Ditzy is shared by the neighbourhood as well.

He looked down at her bobbing pink hair and grabbed it just as he was ready to release, holding her firmly down as she swallowed every last drop of his cum. When he released her head, she popped off of it, gasped for breath and licked her lips.

“Ditzy’s sucked you off… ugh, ugh, ugh… Ditzy’s sucked you off… ugh, ugh, ugh… Ditzy’s sucked you off…” she sang as she bobbed her head from side to side and stood up and got dressed again before wiggling her ass towards the bathroom.

Just as she turned the corner and left his sight, his phone buzzed and he walked over to the kitchen counter and picked it up. It was a message in the neighbourhood chat group.

“Look, all I’m saying is that it’s maybe what, $500 bucks each? Think of it as a community improvement fee!”

The message was from Richard, two doors down and Jim was pretty sure he was on Ditzy’s schedule for tomorrow. He shook his head and smiled, he had to give the man credit, he was persistent. He’d been pushing for several “upgrades” to Ditzy for a month, even going so far as taking her to a surgeon and getting details of what was possible one day when she was scheduled for him.

Of course, the majority of the neighbourhood was enjoying her just the way she was and he had no desire for any changes yet either.

He quickly typed back a message, “Richard, give it a break, or would you prefer to forfeit your next four scheduled times instead?”

The reply came almost instantly, “No no no… that’s ok, I’ll leave it alone.”

“Good, maybe next year we can talk about it again and see if anyone else in interested.”

Richard simply added a thumbs up reaction to Jim’s last message and so he put his phone down. He wouldn’t be her by then, he’d received new orders just last week and he’d be leaving by the end of the month. The other’s would have to figure out what to do with Richard’s persistence.

As for Ditzy, well, he was going to make sure he made the most of the next few weeks before he left.