Katy pulled up her boot as she sat on the edge of the hotel bed, her John having left a while ago and her last client of the day only canceling at the last moment a few minutes ago.

She grabbed her bag and stood up, slinging it in to the crux of her arm, before she repositioned her tits one final time and then walked towards the door, swaying her ass as she did.

The frown on her lips curling upwards at the last moment before she opened the door and stepped out in to the hallway, leaving behind the messy room, a half dozen or so used condom, and her pride. Well, she would have left her pride behind if she’d had any left to leave at this point.

She’d never planned on being a high class prostitute, and if she’d had any choice in the matter, she wouldn’t be one now either. But she had no choice in the matter when the gang that ran the neighborhood her parents lived in came to collect on the “loan” they’d given her parents.

It had put her dreams of college and a career on hold, but she’d figured at the time it would only be for a few months, maybe a year at most. Little did she know how wrong she would be.

The first few months had been what she expected, disgusting men pawing at her body, sliding their dicks in to her quickly and finishing just as fast. She’d turned to alcohol to help with it, and soon it led to other, more powerful, diversions.

Six months in, when they’d offered her something new, something they said would make her feel really good, she’d accepted without much thought. But unlike the other drugs she’d been doing, this one was way more addictive. After just the first couple of hits she was completely addicted, begging the gang members for more.

It had two primary effects though, the first was a significant increase in her libido, the other a powerful increase in her sexual stimulations. Within a few weeks of being passed around between the gang members she was hooked, hooked on the powerful orgasms, hooked on the demeaning sex, hooked on the constant degradation.

When they laid out the “new deal” for her, she accepted it without question.

And that was how it had been for the last three years. They told her where to go, who to fuck, how to act, and she agreed to it all willingly, because she knew that at the end of the day, she’d get her fix.

Katy stepped out of the elevator on the ground floor and walked to the front doors, stepping out in to the valet area where her ride was waiting for her. She opened the passenger door and sat down, “Hey Sam.” she said to the driver. He wasn’t her usual driver, but filled in every few weeks or so.

“Hey Katy, how was work today.”

She winced a little, “It was ok, the last John canceled on me.” she replied, digging in to her purse and pulling out a wad of cash.

Sam took it from her, checked it quickly and then stuffed it in his jacket pocket.

“I’ll let the boss know. He’ll probably schedule an extra John tomorrow to make up for it.”

She nodded, “Ok, that sounds fair. Uhm Sam…”

“Yeah, I know, don’t worry I didn’t forget about it.” he replied as he turned the corner and in to an ally way.

Katy bit her lower lip, she knew what was coming. When the car came to a stop she stepped out of it and walked around to the front, the headlights illuminating her as she slipped her thumbs in to her skirt and pulled it down around her knees.

Then she bent over and laid on to the hood of the car as Sam stepped out and walked around behind her.

“You ready for your fix Katy?” he asked, giving her ass a slap as he did.

“Oh god yes Sam! I need it so bad!” she whimpered as he grabbed her ass and squeezed it.

A moment later she heard the lid of the small vial that contained what she needed, hit the ground and then the cool liquid make contact with her sphincter.

She let out a moan and lifted her head up as far as she could, “Oh god that feels good Sam!”

It was only a moment later that she felt his dick push in to her ass and her moan became a squeal, “Fuck yes Sam, drive that cock in to my ass! Push that drug deep inside of me!”

She wiggled her ass as best she could, she squealed like a stuck big, she begged him to go deeper, harder, faster, as he fucked her ass and the drug coursed through her body.

The first orgasm didn’t take long, the second and third were powerful, but she lost count after the fourth and she was pretty sure she blacked out at least once form them.

When he finally finished, she just laid there, her tits against the warm hood of the car, his cum running down her inner thigh, and a smile across her lips.

Perhaps she didn’t have any choice in the matter, but she knew that even if she did, she wouldn’t change a thing. Well, other than perhaps having Sam pick her up a little more often.