A hands on kind of leader...

Monday April 19, 2021

“Fuuuuuuucccckkkkk… why did it feel so good to expose herself like this?” she thought to herself as she leaned her head back and slowly licked her lips, her last sip of wine still on them.

She knew why of course, deep down she was a slut and it was getting harder and harder to avoid the truth of it. She hadn’t always been a slut, she’d gone through university and graduated with honours without being a slut. She’d worked her way up through the rank and file to become the VP of marketing without being a slut.

Ever since she’d gone to that conference in Vegas she’d known it was true. She’d slept with a dozen men or more on that trip, including several threesomes and a foursome as well, something that she’d never even considered doing before. It had felt so good to have a cock in each of her holes at the same time, and the cum… god, the cum they covered her with was heavenly.

She’d returned home after that and been able to mostly function at work without too much problem, after work was another story all together. If she wasn’t at the gym, she was at a club. If she wasn’t at a club, she was trolling online for hookups. If she wasn’t online looking for hookups she was online looking for plastic surgeons.

In the six months since she’d returned she’d already had a breast augmentation, lip injections, a rhinoplasty and several rounds of botox.

Her free hand rose from her side and slipped over her pussy and rubbed it gently as her thoughts drifted to her next appointment with the surgeon. She’d already booked it months ago and could hardly wait to discuss her next set of implants with him.

She let out a moan just as her doorbell rang and she lifted her head upright and smiled. Setting her wine glass down on the table, she stood up and walked towards the front door, crossing one foot in front of the other as she took each step.

She opened the door and pushed her chest out, smiling at the man standing there in front of her, “Well hello Brian, please come in…” she said with a husky voice that dripped with need.

He stepped inside, a little nervously, but once in she closed the door behind him and then placed her hand on his shoulder. Instinctively he turned around and she took the half step forward until she was press up against him, her lips pressed up against his and she pushed her tongue in to his mouth as he grabbed his hands and placed them on her ass.

She broke the kiss after a moment and pulled back just slightly, almost whispering in a pant, “Come on Brian, squeeze that ass… I’ve seen you watching it at work all the time… I know you want to.”

She let out a moan as he complied, still not doing it forceful enough for her liking, but knowing it was an unusual situation for him. He didn’t report to her or anything, at least not directly, so it was technically not against the company policy, but even so he was nervous. A VP inviting a working stiff over to her place after work? With the obvious insinuation of sex? It wasn’t something that happened.

But things at work had been getting harder and harder for her, her slutty truth was more and more difficult to subdue for an entire day and the constant stares of the men in the office did little to help. Brian had just been the most obvious candidate for her to approach, his eyes nearly popped out of his head every time she pass by his desk.

She reached around and grabbed his hand, pulling him through the living room and towards the bedroom. She couldn’t wait any longer, she needed a cock inside of her and Brain’s was more than good enough.

And anyway, she was positive after a few romps at her place he’d be an easy score for a lunch time quicky at work, to help her get through the day.

“What do you mean you don’t know what happened?!?!” Dave shouted at Tom as they hurried off of the convention floor, smoke coming out of the small black device in Tom’s hands.

“Did you get her or not?” Dave continued.

“Christ, I don’t know Dave, the whole targeting system crashed just as I activated it… I won’t know for sure until I get it back to the room and do some diagnostics on it. But by the fact she slapped you across the face I’m willing to bet that we missed.” Tom replied.

“Shit…” Dave said as he rubbed his cheek. The blonde “booth babe” that they’d targeted had landed a hard slap when he’d propositioned her, but with the device malfunctioning, it was the only way to tell if it had worked or not.

Obviously it had not.

The two men walked towards the elevator and rode up to their room in silence. They’d come to the convention to try and sell latest gadget to a big marketing firm, but they’d been turned down at every step for it being “unethical”.

So what if it was? It definitely worked and it would make any firm that used it rich. Well at least it would when they worked out a few kinks, like the targeting system only being able to target one person at a time, or the tendency for the whole thing to overload and spew noxious smoke from every whole it had.

Back in the room, Tom got to work and pulled the logs from the device and went over them with a fine tooth comb.

“Shit…” he said as he finished his initial pass at them.

“What?” Dave asked.

“Well, it definitely worked… but the targeting system messed up and these numbers make no sense. I have no idea who it affected, but it was someone in the convention centre for sure and I think it may have done more than we expected.”

“Can you fix it?”

“Not with what I have here…”

“Well then discretion is the better part of valour this time I think… let’s checkout and head home, just in case… well, just in case.”

Tom nodded his head and the two men quickly packed up and left the hotel.

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