Sandy smiled as she stood by the track wall and David snapped the photo on his phone. There was a time, just a few years ago, when she would have been on the track herself, but she’d blown out her knee priory to nationals and her dreams of taking gold had crashed down around her.

David had been there for her though, as a significant donor to the university sports programs he’d offered to send her to the best clinic in the world to rehab and perhaps get back on the team.

She’d hesitated at first, after all she had heard the rumors just like everyone else. David could be a huge booster to an athletes career if he took an interest in them, but there was always a cost.

But having no other option, her scholarship dependent on her performance on the track, she took him up on his offer and the very same day she had been flown half way across the world to a private clinic. It had a world class physiotherapy and recovery program and they had her up and walking within weeks.

Little did she know at the time they also had a world class cosmetic surgery and brainwashing program as well.

By the time she was walking, she’d also completely forgotten about getting back on the track team.

By the time she was able to jog again, she’d also had her first round of cosmetic surgeries as well.

By the time she returned home, all she could think about was how she owed everything to David and how she would never be able properly repay him.

When he picked her up from the airport in his limo, she’d eagerly nestled between his legs and gave him the first of many blowjobs.

David snapped one last picture and then put his phone in his pocket and walked up to her. He placed his hands on her hips and turned her around so she was looking out over the field and then nuzzled her neck as his hands roamed up her midsection to her tits.

He squeezed them firmly and she let out a moan, “God David, you make me so horny…” she said as he kissed his way up her neck until his lips were right beside her ear.

“God, can’t you just see yourself running around this track, these big fake tits bouncing up and down… I bet they’d almost smack you in the face each time!”

“Please… please David… don’t tease me like that…” she whimpered as he continued to massage her tits and she pushed her ass back in to his crotch, wiggling it up against him as she felt him harden beneath his pants.

“Oh god David, I need it so bad…” she said as her fingers went to her pants and unbuttoned them, then she pulled them down over her hips as she leaned forward a bit and grabbed the rope that ran along the top of the wall.

David needed no additional coaxing and dropped his pants as well before pushing up against her dripping wet pussy and plunging in to her.

“OH GOD DAVID! I want to be your track star! You’re horny, slutty, track star! You’re… You’re fucking porno track star!”

She gasped and felt him cum inside of her, her own orgasm cresting as he did so and she held on to the rope for dear life.

Sandy shivered in pleasure as David pulled out of her and slapped his dick against her ass several times, sending the last drops of cum from it on to her ass. She reached around and scooped them up in her fingers and then sucked them clean before reaching down and pulling up her pants once more.

She enjoyed these visits back to the university, almost as much as she’d enjoyed being David’s trophy wife for the last year or so. Of course she knew there was a lot of competition out there for his attention, she’d just seen a young high jumper catch his eye earlier that day.

But just like when she’d run the track at university, she was a highly motivated competitor, and she’d already scheduled her return visit to the clinic for later that year.