Ah, I so do enjoy that look in her eyes! The one that says “I’ve got you now fiend!” without ever realizing how completely wrong she is. It’s one of the reasons I keep her around honestly.

Cara Loft had come to my town, my town, expecting to just walk in and raid whatever tombs she wanted to without consequence. Well, I had been here for centuries, protecting those treasures and no upstart British adventurer was going to get away with that kind of behaviour.

She’d been the first to try it in… what, sixty years? The town was off the beaten path to say the least and my influence inherently dissuaded “tourists” from approaching. Only those bound and determined to encroach on it, or without malevolent intent, would make it to the town.

That also meant that I wasn’t very up to date with the outside world, which was fine, but what I’d found in her mind intrigued me. What I found on the Internet with her satellite link fascinated me even more.

“Hey you!” she called out in an almost sneer.

I raised an eyebrow and half smiled, “Who me?” I replied innocently.

“Don’t play dumb with me, I know you’re behind what’s going on around here!” she said and dashed forward, lunging at me.

The move was predicable, as it was programmed in to her mind, and I dodged it easily and grabbed her arm as she moved past me. Pulling her off balance I swung her around so she was facing away from me and grabbed her other arm, twisting them around and locking them in place behind her back with one of my arms.

“Ha! Little girl, did you think it would be that easy?” I snarled in to her ear and then reached around and pushed my hand under her thin top, squeezing her breast hard.

“Oh god! Stop that! Let me go!” she cried out, squirming half heartedly as I could feel her body shiver and her nipple harden.

I pushed her top up and over her breasts, exposing both of them before raising my hand from her body and giving one of the a nice firm slap.

“What was that?” I asked, “Do slap… you slap… want slap… me slap… to… slap… stop slap?”

Her body quivered with each slap and her knees half buckled from under her, sending her body sliding down mine ever so slightly.

“Please… please…” she whimpered as I pushed her forward towards the stone bench by the building and then twisted around so I sat down on it, pulling her down with me.

By the time she realized what was happening, she was already bent over my lap, her ass high in the air. The first blow to her ass brought on a whelp from her lips, the second a whimper and the third pleading.

“Please, no more! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Ignoring her pleas I slipped by hand between her legs and ran my fingers over her pussy, her juices already having done a good job of soaking through her short shorts.

“Hmmmm… I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like you want me to stop…” I said, rubbing her pussy as she moaned and wiggled her ass.

After a moment, I pulled my hand away and gave her ass another slap.

“Oh god! Please… please don’t…” she begged.

“Don’t what? slap Don’t slap what slap?”

“D… D… Don’t… stop…” she whimpered.

“Have you slap been a slap bad slap little slap girl slap?”

“Y.. ye… yes… I’ve been baaaadddd!!!! Bu… bu… but I’ll be a good girl…”

“Is that slap how a slap good girl slap talks to slap a man slap?”

“N… n… no… sir! Please sir! I’ll be a good girl sir!”

I smiled and rubbed her ass before snaking my hand between her legs once more. I rubbed her pussy as I continued, “That’s better. Now what does a good girl do?”

“Wh… whatever… moan… she’s told sir.”

“And you’re going to be my good girl?”

“Oh god yes sir! I’m going to be your good little girl! I’ll do anything you want sir! Tell me what to do sir! Please sir!”

It wasn’t long before she was kneeling between my legs, eagerly sucking my dick. This was the other reason I kept her around… not the sucking, she wasn’t all that great in all honesty, at least yet. No, it was this look in her eyes, a mix of utter devotion, carnal need, and fear of disappointing me.

I smiled and eventually pushed her back and came all over her face as I looked down at her. She smiled back and licked the cum from her lips and then scooped the rest of it in to her mouth and swallowed every last drop of it before gently sucking the remaining drops from my balls.

Then, still with my dick in her mouth, she gave me a wink and closed her eyes. The wink wasn’t really for me, it was for the camera strapped to my forehead, the one she’d used many times before on her adventures around the globe to record herself and post the video’s online.

Over the last few weeks she’d been here, her social media presence had changed a lot, this one was destined for her OnlyFans site that had garnered tens of thousands of subscribers in the first few hours.

After all, while I couldn’t leave my town, the magic that sustained me was bound to it, there was a whole new world to explore and I didn’t have to step a food outside of the town to do it.