Dahlia narrowed her eyes, he was late… again. It wasn’t like men to keep her waiting, but then again he wasn’t just any man either.

Butterflies formed in her stomach as she thought about him and the expression on her face changed, her lips forming a smile, her eyes widening as she let out all the tension in her body.

Deep down she knew it was wrong, that he’d implanted all these thoughts in her mind, but that truth didn’t matter, the only truth that mattered was that he was her Master.

The thought sent a shiver down her spin to her pussy and she let out a small moan as she spread her legs and her hand slipped between them, her fingers finding her moistening pussy and sensitive clit.

And as always, he walked in to her masturbating, “Master!” she cooed, “I was just thinking about you… *moan*”

“I can tell.” her master said and stepped in to the room. It wasn’t big, just the chair she was sitting on, a small couch and the large bed across from them. There were two doors, the one her master had just stepped through and another that lead to her change room/bathroom.

“Maaassster… I need you sooooo badly… I need your cock in my horny little pussy! *gasp*”

He smiled and walked right up to her, her fingers still working her clit as he placed his thumb on her chin and raised her head to look up at him. Then he placed his thumb on her lower lip and she didn’t hesitate to eagerly suck it for him.

“Have you been a good girl Dahlia?” he asked and she nodded her head, not letting his thumb slip from between her lips as she sucked it.

“Really?” he asked, her eyes pleaded up at him yes.

“Well, a few customers have been saying you’ve been giving them some attitude…” he said, popping his thumb out of her mouth.

“Master… I would never! They play with my titties, they fuck my pussy, I service them any way they like!”

He shook his head and her heart sank, he was disappointed with her. He reached in to his pocket and pulled out his phone, swiping a few times he started a video playing and then showed it to her.

It was, of course, a video of herself. She was with one of her regulars, her ass in the air on the bed as the man behind her was rubbing his cock over her pussy. She could hear her own voice telling him to fuck her pussy, how she needed his big hard cock inside of her.

But then the man pulled back and moved upwards just a bit, lining his dick up with her asshole. As soon as his tip touched her sphincter he hand flew back and grabbed it, her voice pleading with him, “Please baby! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy!”

The man slapped away her hand, gave her ass several hard swats and then pushed into her ass anyway and her voice filled the room with pure pleasure as her body shook.

“And what was that?” her master asked after the video ended.

Dahlia pouted, “Master… that… that… I’m sorry Master!” she finally broke down and whimpered.

“You remember what happened when you tried to refuse a titty fuck don’t you?”

She nodded, looking down at her inflated chest, at one time, not that long ago she’d had a simple C cup, now her enormous jugs needed custom bra’s that had not official size listed.

He reached up with his index finger and placed it in the middle of her forehead and entered her mind, her body arched and spasmed until he lifted his finger away and withdrew from her mind.

“That should take care of it.” he said simply and then walked from the room. It was only a few moments later when her mind and settled back down that she realized she was still playing with her clit, but it wasn’t the same.

Instead of pleasure, she felt nothing, as if it was nothing more than the bottom of her feet.

She stood up and ran in to her change room, grabbing one of her many vibrators, she rushed back to the bed and laid down, pressing it right up to her clit and turning it on.


She pushed it in to her pussy, tried thinking of her master fucking her. Nothing.

Then, suspecting what he’d done, she slowly moved the vibrator to her asshole. As soon as it made contact her world exploded and she reflexively pushed it deep in to her ass.

Her body squirmed and she cried out as orgasm after orgasm washed over her until she finally blacked out. The vibrator still buzzing in her ass, when she woke up, she knew she’d be begging all of her customers to fuck her ass.