She didn’t know how long she’d been there, the blindfold made it hard to tell, but she knew it had been at least an hour. She’d put herself in the position, but it was starting to get uncomfortable and she hoped he’d arrive soon.

But then again, maybe it was better if he didn’t.

She didn’t know who he was, just that for the last month she’d been receiving text messages that she’d found impossible to disobey. The first ones were harmless, like “Tell me what you’re wearing.”

It had even seemed a little flattering at first, a secret admirer wanting to know about her and even completing her, in a misogynistic way at least.

Then things had gotten more concerning, with demands like, “Take a selfie and send it to me”, “Watch some porn tonight”, and “Make sure you masturbate before you go to sleep”.

She knew things were out of controls when he had started demanding nudes and sending her links for things for her to buy. The problem was that she’d acquiesce to each and every demand he’d sent her.

That’s what she was doing in the hotel room, blindfolded and bound, waiting for him to arrive.

Then, she heard the lock on the door whirl and she gasped in anticipation as the door opened and closed. Footsteps came towards the bed and she let out a small whimper as her pussy quivered in need.

A hand gripped her breast and squeezed, “Are you ready?”

“Oh god yes!” she breathed, pushing her chest out and in to his hand.

He ran his hand up over her sternum, along her throat and up to her chin, his thumb coming to rest on her lower lip.

“Yes what?”

“Yes muh… muh… Master! Oh god!” she cried out as a small orgasm crested.

He grabbed hold of the ring on her collar and pulled her forward, until she fell flat on her face. Then he grabbed her ankles and twisted her around so that her ass hung off the side of the bed, her legs only held up but he chains that linked her ankles to her wrists to her thighs.

She heard his pants hit the ground and then felt his cock push up against her pussy, “Please Master, fuck your slave! Use your slave!”

His hands gripped her ass tightly as he pushed in to her pussy and she cried out in pleasure.

He stroked in and out several times, settling in to a rhythm before he reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back and up. She grunted and groaned with each thrust, her body and mind awash in pleasure.

Finally when he was done with her, she felt his seed enter her body and her own orgasm rocked her.

By the time she recovered, it was just in time to hear the door close behind him as he left.

Her breathing was hard, her body slick with sweat, but the only though that was in her mind was how good it was that he had come. Cum in her, every day, every way, always. Her Master had used her and she could only hope he would use her again soon, no matter what every other fiber of her being was screaming at her.