Tabitha’s lower lip quivered as the giant ball of string in the corner consumed her attention. She placed one paw in front of the other and slowly moved over to her, her “tail” wiggling from side to side as she approached.

When her fingers touched the end of the string she let out a gasp, then a meow as she picked it up and brought it to her lips, her tongue darting out an sucking it back in to her mouth.

Just as she did her attention to the flash of light that filled the room, “MEEEOOOWWWWW!” she cried out and quickly ran to the other side of the room.

“Hahahaha, come Tabby, you know what a flash is! Hahahaha!” her owner chuckled as the flash went off again.

“Come here girl, it’s alright.” he said as he slapped his knee and Tabitha gingerly made her way over to him and the rubbed her cheek up against the side of his leg.

He reached down and stroked her hair, “That’s a good girl, see, nothing to be afraid of.”

Tabitha purred as she snuggled between his legs and up to his crotch. “Meow?” she replied as she looked up at him and slowly licked the zipper of his pants, “Meow!”

“Awe, does Tabby want to play with her favorite toy?” he asked, still stroking her head.

“Meow…” she replied as she pushed her lips up against his crotch and made a circular motion with her head.

It wasn’t long before her favorite toy was between her lips and Tabitha was fully enthralled by it.

“God John, you’re such a pussy, you know that right?” Tabitha spat out at John from between clenched lips.

“You couldn’t even keep your dick in your pants for 10 minutes! The first blonde bimbo slut that came up and offer herself to you, you were like, welp, that’s ten years of marriage meant nothing!”

“It… it wasn’t the first…” John tried to correct his wife, but she was on a rant and was having none of it.

“You know what John, it doesn’t matter. The first, tenth, hundredth, whatever! I hope it was worth it you bastard. I’ll be visiting my divorce lawyer in the morning.”

John let her rant until she was done and then she stormed off, leaving him alone in the kitchen with his thoughts.

Tabitha rolled over in bed and was glad to find John no where to be found. Good, kind of at least, she still had half a mind to yell at his some more.

The other half knew that she’d been unfair, the number of bimbo’s these days were unprecedented, and they were all looking for whatever dick they could get to stick inside of them.

She tossed the sheets to the side and put on her housecoat and went downstairs to the kitchen. Still finding no trace of John, she opened the fridge door and grabbed the container of OJ and poured herself a glass, before putting it away.

She raised the glass to her lips and and took a sip, “Mmmm… that’s good!” she exclaimed, the OJ tasting better than she remembered for some reason.

Another sip became a chug, and then the entire glass was empty. Then she heard John’s footsteps coming from the patio sliding doors. She turned to see the smile on his face just in time for her to feel the effects of the pill hit her.

“John… no!” she pleaded, but knew it was too late. She felt her skin tighten, her breasts grow larger, her hair run down her back, just as John stepped in front of her.

Then she felt it hit her mind and she tossed her head back, “Oh god!”

“Now who’s the pussy, eh?” John said with a smirk on his lips, “You are, you’re just a little sex kitten who loves her owner unconditionally. A literal pussy cat.” he said just before the orgasm rocked through her body.