Riki raised her painted nail to her lip and pouted a little, had she come from the left or the right?

She pouted some more and stomped her food, why was it so hard to remember anything these days!?!

Just about as she was to choose she heard a voice coming from the left, “Hey Riki… over here!”

Riki turned her head and saw Thomas down the path waving at her, her pout instantly turned in to a smile and she let out a giggle. Then half ran, half skipped her way down the path to him. When she arrived, she through her arms around him and giggled so more.

“Thomas-san! Riki so happy to see you!”

Thomas smiled back at her, “Hahaha… I’m happy to see you too Riki, you looked kinda lost back there…”

She gave a little pout again, “Riki so dumb, Riki not know which way to go…”

Thomas smiled and leaned back just a bit so he could lift up his arm and give her nose a little bop, “I my little Riki forget where she was going again?” he asked, shaking his head a little.

Riki blushed profusely and lowered her head, “Yes Thomas-san. Riki so forgetful.”

“Well it’s a good thing that I’m here then isn’t it?”

Riki’s smiled returned and she nodded her head enthusiastically, “Yes Thomas-san, Riki so lucky! You tell Riki what Riki forgets. Riki do what Thomas-san tells Riki.”

Riki’s eyes glazed over for just a second as a little shiver ran through her body. It passed as quickly as it started, but not before Thomas took hold of her hand and started leader her further down the path.

She followed him for a minute or so until they turned a corner and the large house came in to view. There were several people in the backyard, some under a large tend, a few out in the mid-day sun. All had a drink in their hands and were talking amongst themselves.

As they grew closer to the group, Riki could noticed that wasn’t entirely correct. The men were talking amongst themselves, the women, all young and beautify, were hanging off the men’s arms, silently.

A little shiver ran through Riki’s body as her nipples hardened and her pussy quivered, it was so good to see all the women being so subservient to the men. It looked so natural.

Thomas guided her right by all of them though and in to the main house were he took her though the main lobby where she just caught sight of a large banner before he took her up the main stairs. It read “Welcome to the 2021 shareholders meeting!”

She scrunched her forehead, trying to dig deep in to her mind, hadn’t she seen that banner before?

Before she could come up with an answer, they were at the top of the stairs and Thomas was leading her down a hallway. She could hear noises coming from several of the rooms they passed, nosies that made her pussy even wetter than it was, until they arrived at a room with it’s door open.

Thomas pulled her through the open door and closed it behind him, then spun her around and wrapped his arms around here. His lips found her neck as his hands moved upwards to her breasts. She gasped and instinctively titled her head back and to the side a bit.

“Mmmm… Thomas-san… Riki so horny!”

Thomas didn’t reply, but his fingers found the zipper to her top and pulled it down, releasing her breasts from it.

“Yes Thomas-san, play with Riki’s big boobies!” she said as he hands did just that to her now free breasts. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and Thomas played and pulled at them relentlessly, causing her knees to go weak and her breathing to quicken.

“Oh Thomas-san, yes! Yes! Don’t tease Riki any longer. You fuck Riki now… please? Riki want Thomas-san’s big cock in Riki’s tight little pussy!”

Without reply, Thomas pulled back, grabbed the single knot that held her skirt on and gave it a tug, releasing the entire thing instantly. Then, with a gentle push, she fell face first on to the bed. She spread her legs a bit and pushed her ass up in to the air to make sure he got a good look at her ass and dripping wet pussy, cleanly shaven and eager for him.

She didn’t have to wait long, the sound of his pants hitting the floor just preceding the feeling of his tip against her outer lips, “Mmmm…. Thomas-san… Riki needs it… Riki needs it so bad…”

Then, he was inside of her and her world exploded in pleasure.

“Hie! Hie! Hie! Thomas-san so big! Thomas-san fuck Riki so good! Hie! Hie! Hie!”

Thomas stroked in and out of her again and again as her body quivered and squirmed under the assault. Eventually he reached forward and grabbed a handful of her dark hair and pulled her head upward.

“Yes Thomas-san, fuck Riki long time! Riki make Thomas-san cum so hard! Thomas-san fill Riki’s little pussy with Thomas-san’s cum!”

The instant she felt his cum enter her pussy her body came hard, her body violently twitching as the orgasm burned through her and she screamed out in pure ecstasy as it crested.

Rachael looked up at the large banner and frowned, “Welcome to the 2021 shareholders meeting!” indeed. She had fought long and hard to get the meeting held on the mainland, somewhere cheaper in all honesty.

As CFO, it was her job to ensure the finical health of the company and an all expenses shareholders meeting on a tropical island didn’t fit in with the responsibility at all.

She’d been shot down by the CEO though, telling her that this wasn’t just any shareholders meeting, that he had a huge breakthrough to announced to them and he wanted to make sure they were well wined and dined.

Rachael didn’t really know what the company did, it was a well financed tech startup, she knew that much. But even she as the CFO didn’t have any idea what they were working on in the R&D labs, just that it was expensive.

She walked up to the two tables under the banner and rolled her eyes. One was covered in a pink tablecloth, the other blue. On the pink one were the name badges for all the women, the blue on held them for the men. The misogyny ran deep in tech companies, even if it was only in small ways like this.

She shook her head an picked up the badge with her name on it and then pinned it to her blouse. It wasn’t a normal badge, it had a small digital readout on it and was thicker and heavier than she expected. After attaching it she noticed a small red light appear on the top of it.

She didn’t pay any attention to it, but instead started walking toward the living room. Suddenly a tingle in the back of her head made her stop for just a second and rub her forehead. She blinked several times and then turned towards the staircase and headed upstairs. The tingle quickly moved forward and became a full blown headache before she arrived at the door with her name on it.

Walking inside she tossed her laptop bag on to the bed and then sat down on the edge of it. Before she knew it she’d fallen backwards and lost consciousness.

Riki blinked several times and then a smile crossed her lips as she looked up at the ceiling. She sat upright and stared in to the mirrored door of the closet in front of her, her smile quickly turning to a frown.

What was she wearing? Some kind of hideous blouse and… and… pants?

She jumped off of the bed and quickly took the disgusting clothes off, tossing them to the side and then breathing a sight of relief. A giggle came from her lips as she realized how ridiculous she must have looked.

She looked around the room and fortunately found the perfect outfit neatly folded on top of the dresser, which she quickly changed in to and then walked out of the room and down the hallway to where she was sure she’d find a party.

In the pile of discarded clothes, the digital display continued to scroll a message, “Programming 100% complete. Unit Riki now assigned to Thomas Granger, Assistant CFO.”