Jill took the icecream cone from Jake and rolled her eyes, she’d gone through all the trouble of getting dressed up, even putting on her favorite blouse, and the best he could do was take her out for icecream.

Well, at least he’d been good in bed for a while. It was time to move on and she was pretty sure Jake new it too.

She did her best to smile and take the cone from him, “Look Jake, I think we need to talk…” she started to say as he sat down across from her.

“I agree.” he replied, more confidently that she thought he would, and then he took a bite of his icecream.

“Good.” she replied and took a lick of her own, catching several of the sprinkles on top with he tongue and swallowed them.

“You know, I’ve been thinking we should take our relationship to the next level…” Jake said as he took another bite.

Jill was a little confused, she was sure he’d caught on to several of her hints. But instead of saying anything in reply she just licked the icecream again, and then again.

“Isn’t that icecream good Jill?” Jake asked and Jill looked over to him, taking her eyes from the cone but not stopping her licking.

“Ugh hun…” she managed to get out between licks and then she felt a little tingle in her breasts. A tingle that she’d heard so much about and shook her to her core.

Another lick of her icecream and she knew Jake was serious, he really did want to take their relationship to the next level, but that level involved the pill.

She’d had several friends fall victim to it already, they’d all described the same tingling sensation, usually in their breasts, but sometimes in other areas first.

And then she felt her body start to change. Her breasts expand out, her hair flow down her back, her lips puff up, her tongue get longer so she could get farther in to the cone, among other places.

Her eyes pleaded with Jake from behind her designer glasses, but she knew it was too late as he stood up and walked over to her. Her chest was heaving, her breasts trying to break free from the blouse she had chosen, icecream running down her chest, hands and legs.

The last thought that ran through her mind was to wonder if the icecream parlor was in on it or if Jake had spiked it himself.

She felt the pill reach her mind and she titled her head back, pushing the cone right to her lips and letting her newly elongated tongue probe as deeply as possible in to it. Then she let out a low moan as she heard Jake’s voice whisper gently in to her ear.

“That’s right Jilly, you’ve got quite the oral fixation there. You love sucking on balls, and dicks, and pussies. But most of all you love sucking my dick. You’ll do anything to get those lips of yours around it. No matter how humiliating, how degrading, how disgusting. Because your my horny, trashy, cocksucking, bimbo slut and my cock is now your world.”

Jilly cried out as the orgasm crashed over her and Jake’s words burned in to her mind.

Jilly took her finger and ran it along the side of her tit, scooping up the dribbles of icecream that were there and sucked on her fingers, well past the time it took for them to be clean.

She looked up at Jake and giggle, “Like, hiya Jake!” she said as she realized he was standing right beside her, his crotch right at her eye level. Without waiting for an answer she leaned over and pressed her lips against his hard shaft in his pants.

She suckled on it while he spoke, “Not bad Jilly. I think I should have gone with two pills though, those tits could be a bit bigger and the dirty blonde hair is nice but I was hoping for platinum. Well good thing I’ve got an extra back at my apartment. So tell me Jilly, you want to head back to my place and take another pill for me?”

Jilly leaned back just a bit and looked up at Jake, her fingers already trying to unbutton his pants, “Like sure Jake! Whatever you want, just as long as I can suck your amazing cock!”

Jake reached down and grabbed her hands, stopping her progress and so she pouted, “But I wanna suck your cock Jake! I wanna suck it so bad!”

“Then we’d best get back to my place sooner rather than later.” he replied and pulled her up from her chair.

She giggled and bounced up and down a few times, sending her tits jiggling.

“You know what, I like the way those tits bounce, take your top off and do that again.”

“Like, sure thing Jake!” she replied and quickly removed her top, tossing it to the ground and then bouncing up and down again.

Jake wrapped and arm around her and guided her away from the icecream shop, she didn’t even give a second thought to the fact she was naked from the waist up, or that several men on the street were staring.

Instead all she cared about was that she’d soon be sucking Jake’s cock, and that was all that matter to her.