A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday May 13, 2021

Tammy looked over at the large tv at the end of the bar showing the golf and let out a little sigh.

“Work’s that exciting?” Brad’s voice from behind the bar brought her attention back to work and she gave a half smile to him.

“Yeah, well, it’s not like we have any customers…” she replied turning half way around and extending her hand out before moving it across the empty seats in an arc.

Well, that wasn’t quite true, there was one guy sitting by the window that had ordered a coffee an hour ago and tipped her a whole fifty cents.

The job wasn’t really worth putting herself on display like she had to because of the “uniform” they maid her wear. Oh, it wasn’t anything she was ashamed of, she’d worn much less when she went out clubbing and not made any money at all.

Brad chuckled and put down the glass he was drying off, “Well, think you can handle it for a few minutes while I go hit the head?”

She smirked back at him, “Yeah, I think I’ve got this.”

Brad turned and walked to the end of the bar and then turned down the hallway to the bathrooms, she heard the door open and close and she knew he’d be a while.

She turned around and leaned back on the bar, putting her elbows on it and then let out another sigh. Well, there was no use in sulking about the lack of customers, she might as well see if the one she did have wanted anything else… for the tenth time.

She walked over and placed her hand on his shoulder, “Hey, can I get you anything else?” she asked.

The man turned his head and smiled up at her, then he reached up and placed his hand on hers before he replied, “Thanks sweetie, why don’t you give me your phone number…” he replied.

She was shocked, not just at the audacity of his request, but by the jolt of electricity that ran up her arm as well. She gasped a little before her lips parted and her phone number tumbled out of from between them.

He took hold of her hand firmly and then swiveled around in his chair, “Good. Took long enough for that buffoon to take a break. How long do I have with you before he returns?”

She unwillingly replied, “15, maybe 20 minutes.”

“Oh, that’s lots of time. Give me a quick summary of yourself, your sexual history and preferences.”

“My name is Tammy, I’m 21 years old and I attend the local college going through for a business administration degree. I’m 5 foot 2, 98 pounds, and an only child. I’ve had three boyfriends, but only slept with two of them, missionary only. I did give my current boyfriend a blowjob last week for the first time, I didn’t like it.”

“Well I can fix that soon enough. I’m just passing through town, but you’ve caught my eye. Where’s the closest motel?”

“Down the street, maybe a mile.”

“And what time can you get off work?”

“My shift ends at 6, but I can probably get out of here by 5 if I ask Brad.”

The man nodded and then closed his eyes and Tammy felt the electricity running up her arm intensify. Then it was gone as quickly as it had appeared.

She jerked her hand back to herself and blinked several times.

“Wha? I’m sorry, what was I saying?” she asked, trying to clear the cobwebs from her mind. When the finally faded a bit she looked at the man as he was typing on his phone.

She parted her lips to say something, but her phone in her apron suddenly buzzed and she took it out and checked it, “One new message from unknown.”

She unlocked her phone and clicked on the notification, the message was just a single eggplant emoji.

“Save that contact as ‘my owner’.” the man said.

“Yes Sir.” she replied and then her fingers flew across the screen as she saved the number and added the contact details as instructed.

God she was so excited, she had an owner and it made her pussy quiver just thinking about it.

“Can I do anything else for you Sir?”

“No. I’ll message you my room number when I get to the hotel. Don’t make me wait any longer than is necessary.”

“Oh yes Sir! Of course Sir! I’ll call Jenn right now and she if she can come in early.”

“Good.” the man said and then stood up and walked away.

Tammy felt her stomach drop as he left, the feeling of loss almost bringing her to tears. She held them back and dialed Jenn’s number, hoping that she could come in early.

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