A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday May 12, 2021

Sylvia stared in to the mirror and instinctively reached up to touch the mass of blonde hair on her head to see if it was real. The reflection amazed her, she could tell it was her own even with all the differences since the last time she’d seen herself. The long blonde hair, the wide vapid eyes, the cute nose, the plump lips, and well, the cleavage.

A far cry from the short haired brunette bookworm with glass and straight as a board that she’d been.

For some reason she wasn’t even panicking about it. Instead she felt a strange calmness that was completely incongruent with the fact that she couldn’t remember any of the changes happening and in fact the last thing she could remember was going to sleep last night.

At least she assumed it was last night, now thinking about it more, that clearly wasn’t possible. The kinds of changes reflected in the mirror couldn’t occur overnight, it would have taken weeks, maybe months of surgeries to accomplish. And on top of that, she didn’t remember getting up, or dressed, or walking to the mirror, or well anything of than suddenly there she was.

She felt herself subconsciously furrow her brow in thought, but didn’t see the reflection forehead move at all. She reached up and touched her forehead and felt nothing. Her fingers moved down to her lips and she instantly felt a wave of pleasure come from her lips as her fingers gently slide over them.

She tried to squint, but only managed to slightly. They must have pumped her forehead full of botox for her to have such little motion.

Intrigued by the sensation of her lips, she looked down and cupped her breasts with her hands, a similar sensation blossomed from her breasts as soon as she did and a moan escaped her lips.

Just as her moan ended she heard the door behind her open and she saw a man in a white coat enter the room.

“Ah, your up and about. Good.” he said as she turned around and saw up pull out a stylist from his breast pocket and started writing on a tablet.

She cocked her head to one side and parted her lips to ask what was going on when her mouth snapped shut and her hands dropped to her sides without her doing so.

“Let’s see here… let’s do some basic diagnostics… Identifier and model?”

Her lips parted and she heard her voice speak, “Sylvia, model S3X4-V2.”


“3 minutes and 28 seconds.”

“Primary program?”

“TrophyBot. Provide visual and physical stimulation to my owner.”

Sylvia was still unnaturally calm, she should have been panicking, yelling at the man, throwing something at him, running out the door, doing something. Instead she just replied as he asked his questions.

“Very good. Let’s move on to the advanced diagnostics.” he said and tapped the tablet several times with the stylist until Sylvia’s whole world seemed to shift.

She blinked several times and her lips curled in to a smile as she stepped forward and snaked her arm through the mans and leaned in to him, “Hi honey! I’m so glad you’re here!”

And she was, deep down she was glad her owner was with her and that she could feel his body against hers. Sylvia knew this was wrong, that people didn’t own people, but none the less she couldn’t help what she felt.

He turned around with her still on his arm and then opened the door and walked out of the room with her. In the hallway were several other women, some like her dressed up in fancy outfits, others wearing bikinis, and a few wrapped in shiny latex. All of them were drop dead gorgeous with varying body shapes and types, but all that could pass for models.

They walked down the hallway in to a main room where there were couches and tables, a few more women were littered around it. They walked up to one of the empty tables and he pulled out a chair and she delicately sat down in it. He walked around to the other side and took a seat across from her.

She instantly leaned forward and started playing with her hair, “So honey, how was your day?” she asked and he gave an obviously scripted reply. She continued to ask inane questions, and give similarly inane answers to the questions he asked for a while until he seemed satisfied and then stood up. He walked around to her and pulled the chair out for her and then took her hands and walked over to one of the couches that was empty.

He sat down first and she joined him, making sure to push up against him as much as she could. She rested her hand on his let, as close to his inner thigh as she could and then turned and looked at him, waiting for him to say or do something.

Instead he tapped on his tablet again and a moment later she realized they were alone. There was no one else in the room and she was horny.

She leaned in and nibbled his ear a bit and then whispered in it, “Baby, I’m so horny, can I suck your cock? Mmmmmm… I love sucking your cock, especially when I get to taste your cum. Come on baby, you can cum on my face, I know how much you like that.”

Her hand had moved up his leg to find his stiffening shaft and she was rubbing it gently. Then, suddenly, they were back in the common area, women all around them and she sat bolt upright again.

“Honey, can we go somewhere private please?” she asked and he smiled and stood up once more. He extended his hand and she took in, letting him help her up from the couch. A few minutes later they walked hand in hand back in to the room she’d woken up in and she turned to him and smiled.

“Thanks honey, I just really had to get out of there. Now that we’re here, why don’t we take advantage of the bed.” she said with a smirk on her lips.

“You haven’t fucked my ass in weeks and it’s really in need of a good pounding. God I cum so hard when you fuck my ass, come on baby, let’s do it right her and now…”

And then Sylvia was back, the horniness gone and standing in front of the man in the white coat.

“Perfect responses.” he said to nobody in particular and checked off several items on his tablet.

He then walked around behind her and pushed her hair to the side and mumbled to himself, “The scar is still visible, will have to let the lab boys know the cream isn’t doing anything.”

She heard his stylist tap against the tablet a few more times before he walked around in front of her.

“Ok, everything checks out… let me see here, delivery date is in three days. Alright, let’s put you back on automatic until then.” he said and then tapped the tablet one last time.

Sylvia’s world disappeared as her head fell gently forward and the last fleeting thought that crossed her mind was weather she’d remember any of this when they delivered her to where ever she was headed.

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