Maria closed her eyes as the warm sun beat down on her face and upper body, she just couldn’t take it any longer. She grabbed the top of her outfit and pulled it down around her waist, letting her tits bounce free.

A smile formed on her lips, followed by a giggle as the mid-day sun warmed her tits and her nipples grew erect.

It felt so good for them to be free of the confines of her top, the cool breeze coming off the ocean felt wonderful mixed with the warm sunshine.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew two things were wrong with this. First, she never called her tits, well, tits. There was some other word she’d always used for them, but it wasn’t juggs, or melons, of funbags, or a dozen other terms that came to mind now.

The second was that she knew that there would be other clients of the spa all around, as well as the staff, that would now be looking at her bare tits as she stood there. But for the life of her, Maria just couldn’t muster up any embarrassment or indignation at that fact.

“Like oh my god Maria!” a high pitched squeal sounded out and Maria opened her eyes to see Jessica, the redheaded nurse that had been her personal attendant since Maria had arrived a week ago at the spa, standing before her.

Jessica’s bright smile and bubbly attitude had really annoyed Maria for the first few days, but now Maria’s smile widened even more at the sight of her new friend.

“*giggle* It’s totally about time you let the girls go free!” Jessica continued on, and without asking, she reached up and took hold of Maria’s nipples between her finger and thumb, giving them a little squeeze as she did so.

“Ooooooo…” was all that Maria could say in reply as she moaned and leaned forward, closing her eyes again as Jessica gave her nipples a little twist.

Maria had never liked her nipples played with in the past, but like many things, that had changed since she’d arrived at the spa. For example, Maria had always kept her long blonde hair done up in a bun, only letting it down for special occasions. Now, she spent an hour each morning getting it to look just right. Maria had never liked wearing makeup either, or false nails, or lipstick, but she now spent just as much time each day on them as she did her hair. Maria also never masturbated, but she’d already done so twice today and was looking forward to her massage with Erik this afternoon, who’s fingers made her clit quiver with need.

Maria felt Jessica give her nipples a tug and Maria gasped, a wave of pleasure coming over her and her body shook. Jessica pushed Maria’s nipples back in to her tits, forcing her to take a step back until she was pressed up against the palm tree behind her.

“Awe, does Maria totally like that? *giggle*” the redhead asked and Maria’s head spun, her mouth opening to let out a moan was her only response.

Jessica continued to push and pull at Maria’s nipples, her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her breathing more and more ragged, as she felt an orgasm building.

Oh god, she was going to orgasm! Jessica was going to make her orgasm just from playing with her nipples!

“Oh my, it looks like you’re finally ready! Like, is Maria totally ready?”

Maria heard the question, and knew it wasn’t just about if she was ready to cum, some little voice in the back of her head screamed at her to say no, but all that came out was a breathy “Yes!”

Jessica pinched Maria’s nipples even harder and tugged on them hard, sending an orgasm throughout Maria’s body as she cried out and collapsed against the palm tree behind her.

Maria felt Jessica take Maria’s arm and place it over Jessica’s shoulder, propping Maria up as they both took a step forward.

“Like, you are totally ready! *giggle*” Jessica said and all Maria could do was giggle along with her.

“I’ll get you to pre-op right away so you can get those big new implants your hubby wants right away! *giggle* Like, before you know it he’ll totally be titty fucking them!”

The image of her husband’s cock between her tits, fucking them, sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine and right to her pussy. He’d tried to convince her in the past to give it a try, after all her tits were big enough even now, but she’d flatly denied him.

But now, just the thought of it made her so horny, she couldn’t wait for the real thing!

Maria leaned on Jessica for support as her weak knees struggled to get her to the pre-op room. A broad smile crossed her face as she did so, it had been so lucky that Dr. Roberts, the head of the spa, had offered her a second week free at the spa, it would give her time to heal up so that he could properly admire her new tits.