“Heya Sugar!” Tammy called as she waded out of the turquoise water and on to the nearly white sand beach as she approached Tommy.

She’d long ago given up trying to stop her lips from forming a smile when she saw him, her her hands going to her hair to play with it, or the song in her voice when she spoke to him. They were programmed in to her mind just as assuredly as someone jerking their hand away from a hot stove.

She had been an up and coming lawyer once, long ago, working at the same firm as Tommy. Competing for the same positions that Tommy had, and eventually even to become a partner. In her mind, she still wanted to kick him in the balls, but every outward appearance was contrary to what was going on in her mind.

To all outward appearances, she was a happy, exuberant, flirtatious girl that loved to show off her body for everyone to see. It was a well constructed fiction that she had fought for a long time. Or at least it had seemed liked a long time, it was in reality under a year since Tommy had become partner and selected her as his “reward” for the promotion.

If she’d known how deep the corruption of the firm had gone, she would never have taken a job there. But it was well hidden, just like her true thoughts of her life now were.

She could still remember the panic she had felt when they’d picked her up as she went to her car late one night. The sound of her own voice screaming as she felt something prick her ass. She’d woken up, who knew how much later, strapped in to a chair, equipment all around her, an IV in her arm and a dizziness in her mind that told her they had already started it.

The next days, or weeks, were mostly a haze. At some point though she had found herself standing in a room, there was nothing in it other than her and the four white walls that surrounded her. She had stood there, in her heels and tight pink dress, a push up bra doing all it could to give her some cleavage, and a smile across her face.

It wasn’t long before Tommy had walked in with another man and inspected her like a piece of meat. Waling around her, touching her ass and tits, turning her head from side to side, pulling down on her chin to open her mouth. Whatever he had been looking for he must of found it as he turned to the other man and signed some paperwork and then they’d left.

Tammy had been “delivered” to his condo the next day. Within a month she’d had her first surgery, within three they were engaged, and now here they were, on the beach of a tropical island on their honeymoon.

She continued to walk towards Tommy as he laid out on his towel, but when she got to within a dozen feet or so, she dropped down on to all fours and crawled the rest of the way. She crawled up over him and smiled down as he laid under her, then she leaned down and kissed him, her tits pushing against his chest as she did.

She broke off the kiss after a few moments and let out a little moan, bitting her lower lip as she did.

“God baby, I’m so horny!” she said as she slide her body down over his until she was between his legs, her face pushed up against his swim trunks, her tongue flicking out against his hardening shaft.

“Baby I’m gonna suck your cock right here and now… I need some of your sweet sweet sugar!” she said as her fingers untied the knot of his swimsuit and pulled it down, letting his cock spring upright. It wasn’t exposed to the harsh sunlight for long as he lips engulfed it and she slide it all the way in to her throat.

Soon her head was bobbing up and down, her ass was in the air, and several groups of people were opening gawking at her. The programming didn’t care though, in face her pussy was getting wetter and wetter with each stroke that his cock made, until finally she tasted his cum and she pushed all the way down and held herself there.

Her body twitched and contorted as the orgasm crashed over her, until she sucked the last drop of cum from him and popped off the end of his cock.

She lowered her head to the base of his softening shaft and smiled up at him, “God baby, your sugar is sooooo amazing…” she said as she extended her tongue and ran it up his shaft. She snuggled it for several minutes until it was fully deflated and then she gently slipped it back in to his swimsuit and tied it once more.

Tammy once more slid herself up his body and then rolled off to his side, draping her arm over him and letting out a satisfied sigh.

That sigh was one of the few things she had never had to fight, whatever programming they had filled her head with made her orgasm harder, longer, and more often, than she had ever done in her life. The few minutes afterwards was the only time her mind was in harmony, and after it had passed she always feared that one day she would no longer want it too.