Agent Tasha Evans cocked her hip and held her bag as her target came towards her.

Well, former Agent Tasha Evans, as she had been compromised months ago by her target and she was now little more than a sex toy for him.

Tasha had known it was a dangerous assignment, one that wasn’t officially sanctioned as the small island nation had no international law enforcement treaties with anyone, let alone one that would allow her three letter agency to investigate one of it’s richest and most powerful citizens.

That had been fine with her though, she’d volunteered for the assignment simply to leapfrog the other agents and get promoted. It was hard enough being a good looking woman in such a male dominated work place, but being the newest agent had made it almost impossible to get noticed for her work.

So it had been a no brainier to volunteer for the highly illegal undercover job that would guarantee her more recognition that a decade of being behind a desk would.

She wasn’t sure how exactly she’d been compromised, the assignment had been going well to begin with. She’d arrived on the island as a new manager for one of the large hotel chains that operated there and settled in quickly. It wasn’t long before she managed to work her way in to the “party” scene that her target was known to frequent and it wasn’t hard to get his attention when the eventually bumped in to each other. Men were easily manipulated by a young beautiful woman like herself, she’d learned that lesson early in life.

She was sure her fake background would have passed whatever checks he’d made on it, and the rest of her story matched almost exactly her own background so nothing should have set off alarm bells for him in that. Whatever it was though, after a few weeks of dating she’d gone over to his mansion for a weekend and soon found herself tied to a chair, being interrogated.

They hadn’t gone easy on her, and after a week of intense questioning and unknown drugs, she’d broken. She’d spilled everything and blubbered like a little girl when they were finished with her.

Or at least she’d thought they were finished with her, but instead they had only begun. He’d told her she was no longer of any use to him, having told him everything he wanted to know, and that she now had a choice to make. It was a simple choice, become useful once more, or be taken out on his yacht never to return.

She hadn’t know what “useful” meant at the time, but with little other choice she’d agreed. She spent another week in that chair, though no longer restrained, learning exactly what it meant to be useful. A new batch of drugs had been pumped in to her, a TV and speakers had been setup in front of her, and a constant stream of degrading and humiliating sex was being fed to her senses.

By the end of the second day she was masturbating to it. By the end of the fourth day she was repeating the words that came across the speakers. By the end of the week she knew exactly what her use was.

Now months later, after several surgeries and an extensive physical regiment, she was more useful than she had ever been.

The problem, of course, was that as useful as she was she wasn’t the only useful thing that her target owned. Her eyes darted quickly to her right to the redhead standing in front of the red car, her body wrapped in a similar outfit to her own but that matched the car she was standing in front of. There were several other cars and women standing in the same parking lot.

Her nipples hardened and her pussy buzzed as her target walked down between the two rows of cars and stopped at hers. A smile crossed his lips and he then walked to the door of the yellow car and opened it. She eagerly turned and walked over to the passenger door and quickly slipped inside of the sleek automobile.

It was customized for him, to be as useful as it could be, just like her. She knew that he would be making use of both of them this day and she could hardly wait.