“Hi baby! giggle” Denise said as she turned to see her boyfriend walking in to the kitchen.

She frowned for just a second and then mentally corrected herself, he wasn’t her boyfriend any more, he was her employee.

They had been living together for almost a year when things had changed, she was about to break up with him, but then she got confused. If she broke up with him where would she go? The house was in his name. What would she do? She hadn’t worked a real job in six months.

Fortunately for her, he’d sat her down and explained exactly how things were going to go. Yes they were breaking up because she just wasn’t the kind of girlfriend he wanted any more. She could still stay in his house, but there would have to be new rules. And finally, he had the perfect job for her as his maid.

She was overjoyed at the news, but even more so when she asked if she could still suck his cock and he said yes.

“Hey Dede, whatcha doing?” he asked, using her favorite pet nickname for her.

giggle Like, I’m making dinner!” she said and held out the tray of icecream and strawberries to him.

He shook his head and laughed, “Dede, Dede, Dede… how many times I have told you not to try and cook? You were going to put that in the toaster oven weren’t you?”

Her face dropped and her lower lip quivered, “Uh hun…” she replied.

He came over and took the tray from her hand and the took a finger and scooped some up before placing it on her nose, “Silly Dede, you just stick to cleaning and everything will be alright.”

She beamed a smiled at him, “Ok!”, and then dropped to her knees and fished his dick out from his pants, wrapping her lips quickly around him to start her cleaning.

Kevin looked down at Denise eagerly sucking his cock and still couldn’t believe how well the software she had developed had worked.

He was still trying to reverse engineer it so that he could sell it, but damn he was enjoying the fruits of her labour in the mean time.

He’d been afraid that she would break up with him before it had fully taken hold of her mind, and even on the day she’d attempted to leave him, he hadn’t been sure it would work. That was until he’d seen the confused look in her eyes and the program was triggered in her mind.

There were side effects, but he suspected that was more in the way he’d written the commands in to her programming, perhaps being a little too generalized in them. Like “You want to be a stereotypical sexy maid for me”, let her insert her own ideas of what a sexy maid were.

He might have wanted a maid with just a little more common sense, but he guessed that Denise had a very low view of the sexy maid trope and she here they were.

He’d been even more surprised when she’d begged him for the breast implants, though less so on the second round. He’d considered trying to modify the commands he’d given her, but in all honesty after a few days of her constant attention to his every need, well, he just didn’t see the point of taking the risk.

Which was another problem, it had been almost two years since she’d tried to break up with him and he’d gained his new sexy maid, in which time he’d made very little progress on the reverse engineering the software. Mostly due to that same constant attention she paid to him.

Perhaps it was time to get serious about it, really focus on the software, but then Dede slurped at his cock once more and he decided there was no rush. Maybe after the second anniversary of him hiring maid Dede… yeah, that was just a couple months away, that would be a great time to focus on it.

Kevin grunted and shot yet another load of his cum down Dede’s throat and watched his maid shiver and twitch as another orgasm came over her. The again, three was a lucky number, perhaps he’d focus on it after their third anniversary…