“Baby… my head hurts…” Bambi whined as she sat on the couch and looked up at me.

“Awe, have you been trying to think again?” I replied, reaching down and brushing her hair to the side and then resting my palm on the side of her face, running my thumb just below her eye.

“Maybe… but it’s, like, so hard!” she replied, pouting at the end.

“I know, I know. That’s why I’ve got your medicine right here…” I said, unzipping my pants with my free hand.

“But… but… I don’t want my medicine… oh my god…” she started to protest until my dick popped out of my fly and then her eyes went wide and she parted her lips instinctively.

I slipped my hand around the back of her head, but didn’t have to even guide her forward, she was already half way there by the time I’d threaded my fingers through her hair.

She wrapped her lips around me and let out a moan as she slipped down the length of my member. I watched her head bob up and down as she tried to get to her medicine with vigor.

It was part of the programming they had installed in her of course, she couldn’t resist the sight of my dick, nor resist the need for my cum. I have no idea how they did it, or for that matter how they’d figured out that she was my weakness.

We had been high school sweethearts, at least until she blossomed and figured out that she was way out of my league. She’d gone on to do some modeling and a few small parts in grade C movies. While I’d gone through university and graduated at the top of my class and written several ground breaking papers in physics.

When I’d been approached by the company for a position, I’d been interested. My university career was fine and all, but the private sector offered more financial rewards and I’d been looking to move anyway. In fact I had several offers, the companies was just one of them. The company’s was better than the others, but there seemed to just be something off about them. It wasn’t long before I realized what.

I was out with friends at dinner one night, enjoying the company, when out of the blue someone tapped me on the shoulder and there she was, Barbra Johnson. We exchanged numbers and a few nights later we had met for drinks and ended up back at my place. She was all over me as soon as I closed the door, we barely made it to the couch before she was on her knees, sucking my dick like a hoover.

After a while she stood up and mounted me right there on the couch, bouncing up and down, her tits going wild as her voice cried out for more and more.

I knew I was hooked right then and there, that I’d do whatever she wanted, which made what she said after we’d both orgasmed and she’d flopped on to my chest, even more amazing… “God that was great! If you worked for the company I’d do anything you wanted to make you happy.”

And that was when I knew I’d be working for the company, no matter what their offer, no matter what they wanted me to do.

After signing the company’s offer, Barbra moved in with me, and true to her word has done everything she can to make me happy. Fortunately I found the company also had a very generous health plan, allowing of Barbra, or as she now prefers to be called, Bambi, to make some upgrades at no expense to me.

I’m still not sure exactly what the company wants me for, currently they have me working on some extremely theoretical physics, nothing that could have any practical applications for decades or maybe even centuries.

But then again, they could have me working on weapons of mass destruction and I wouldn’t care as long as Bambi was my eager little sex kitten. To top it off, she had been learning all the little details of what I liked, for example she’d recently been playing the “hard to think” game where she “resisted” a little before dropping back in to the sex kitten role. Which was fine by me, the look of shock on her face each time was a testament that she was a better actor than they had given her credit, which was an unexpected bonus that I wasn’t about to complain about.

Bambi popped off the end of my dick and gasped, wrapping both hands around me, she titled her head back and opened her mouth, “Come on baby, Bambi needs her medicine! Give Bambi her medicine!”

She only had to stroke me once or twice before I blew my load all over her face and I watched her eyes roll back in to her head and her body shiver as her orgasm rolled over her.

No matter how good of actress she might have been, that was the real thing, she never had to fake an orgasm. The programming the company had done to her made sure that anytime I came on or in her she’d have a powerful orgasm.

When she recovered she licked her lips clean, then scooped the rest of my cum from her face with her fingers in to her mouth. Finally, she wrapped her lips around my dick once more and sucked every last drop from me. I stroked her hair as she did and wondered if I’d sold my soul for this, the sound of her popping off of me once more made the thought moot.