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Jessica pushed her bum out and leaned against the bag, holding the position as Jim took several photos and then a video.

“That’s great Jessica… here, keep hydrated…” Jim said and then handed her the bottle of supplement which she eagerly sipped on.

This was the first time she’d done a “photo shoot”, as Jim called it. He’d said he needed some promotional photos so he could start looking for her first fight.

She’d gone along with it, even though in her heart of hearts he knew she’d never get in a ring to fight. She was a lover not a fighter, but having some semi-professional photo couldn’t hurt anyway.

“Ok, let’s keep going.” Jim said and reached over and grabbed the bottle from her. A pout formed on her lips but was quickly wiped away when he set it aside an placed his hands on her hips, turning her towards him.

“Now then, just move your hands here, push out your chest a bit, yeah, just like that.” he said as he placed her hands on to her bum and leaned her upper body forward a bit.

The electricity running through her body at his touch was impossible to ignore and without a thinking about it she opened her mouth and spoke, “God Jim, anything you want, just tell me…”

She was disappointed when he stepped back and continued talking photos, her hopes for something more dashed for the day.