Mary laid down on the bench and then pulled her legs in a little until she was comfortable, “Like this?” she asked as she turned her head and looked behind her at Rob.

“No, not quite. You need to move back just a little more.” he replied.

She shimmed back on the bench until she was right at the edge of it. Rob stepped in a little closer and then looked over her posture.

“Ok, that looks better, now eyes forward Mary.” he said she she rotated her head back until she was looking straight ahead again.

His hands then touched her ass and he gripped it tightly, giving it a shake, sending a low moan from between her lips. A quick slap on each cheek sent her ass jiggling and she gasped and moaned again.

“Looking good Mary, though we still need to do some work on those legs and core.”

He continued to massage her ass for a moment more before pulling at her thong and letting it snap back on to her, “Didn’t I tell you to lose this?” he asked.

“Yes… but… I…” she hesitated in her response.

“Wasn’t it much better to work out once you lost that stupid sports bra you were always wearing?”

Oh god was it! The stares of the men as she lifted weights and did worked out had sent her stomach aflutter!


“Then I expect to see you here tomorrow without it, got it.”

“Y… yes Rob.” she replied and blushed.

She’d been working with Rob as her personal trainer for several weeks now and she really had to stop doubting him. Everything he told her to do turned out to be the best choice she’d ever made!

“Good, now let’s see you bounce that ass a hundred times and then we’ll get to work on those legs.”

“Yes Sir!” she chirped and started bouncing her ass up and down, letting it smack against the fake leather of the bench each time. By the time she hit forty her pussy was dripping wet. By the time she reached eighty she was begging rob to let her cum.

She was pretty sure that tomorrow he’d finally let her cum, but not before she begged him to stick his cock in her naked wet pussy so he could fully participate in her workout.