First off, happy Canada Day!

It’s been a while since I did a general update so I thought this was as good as time as any.

Back in March, it was the 7th anniversary of my old Tumblr blog, which moved to WordPress and finally here, so that’s a long time 😉

It will also be the 13th anniversary of my first story posted to in a couple of weeks, and that’s an even longer time 🙂

Another milestone I just passed a few days ago was the 2600th post!

So far this year, I’ve posted ~110k words on my blog, and ~42k words on mcstories. Since I’m so close to my writing goal (50k words) and we’re just at the half way mark, I’ll probably revise the goal upwards to 75k or so. I’m writing a new story this week which should get me over the 50k total, and have ideas for two more parts of House Bound, which will get me close to 75k more than likely.

I used to post about follower count milestones back on Tumblr, but with WordPress and my blog, that’s not really possible. I do have 233 followers on BDSMLR, and 254 on Literotica, along with 286 on DeviantArt. My blog traffic has been increasing over time, if my stats plugin is to be believed I’m getting about 200-250 visitors a day with about 1000 page views (some days spike up to over 2000, I assume because a few people browse back through my old posts).

Top 5 popular posts so far this year have been:

As for most popular pages, well, no real surprises there:

As always, thanks for all those that have reached out to me with feedback on my writing and posts. You can always reach me via e-mail or DM at the other services at the top of the page.