Tamera gave a little side eye to the guys on the other end of the pool that were looking her way, she knew they were looking at her. As they should be, after all the time she’d spent in the gym getting herself in to perfect shape.

She loved the attention though, even if they didn’t have a chance with her. Mere boys that wouldn’t have survived even a one night stand with her, let alone be able to satisfy her. Instead she walked to the other side of the pool and walked up to Kevin, leaned in and kissed him passionately.

“Hey baby.” she said when they both needed to come up for air.

“Hey yourself.” he replied, his hand slipped down to her ass from where it had been wrapped around her waist.

The squeeze made her weak in the knees, something that wasn’t easy to do to say the least. But Kevin did it to her every time.

She’d met him six months ago when she’d been assigned to his protection detail. She’d been one of several agents that had been assigned to protected him around the clock due to some threats against his life.

She still wasn’t clear as to what those threats were, or what he did for work, or why he rated government agents to protect him, but it really didn’t matter now. She’d quit the agency shortly after she’d been assigned to him once they had become a thing.

Once she was free of her work obligations, she’d started really focusing on herself. More time at the gym, more time at the salon, more time at the fashion stores. Fortunately, Kevin was generous and paid for everything she needed or wanted.

She ran her hand up the back of his head, the short stubble only just making it to the top of his balding head and then settled in beside him, her arm snaking around his middle girth.

Kevin then waved to one of the men on the other side of the pool and he walked over to them, “Tamera, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Stevens.”

She smiled and extended her hand, “Hello Dr. Stevens, a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, please call me Todd.”

“Of course Dr. Todd. giggle

Todd gave a little chuckle back and then Kevin spoke again, “Todd is a plastic surgeon…” he said.

Tamera’s eyes lit up, “Really!?! Oh, them I’m more than pleased to met you Dr. Todd!”

They spoke for a few more minutes, well, Kevin and Todd spoke as Tamera listened intently as the two men talked about various procedures that Kevin wanted Tamera to have and Todd giving options back to him.

It made Tamera’s pussy dripping wet and she hardly held on until Todd excused himself.

“God Kevin, you’re going to buy me such big fucking fake titties aren’t you? It makes me so horny just thinking about you sitting on my hard abs, your big cock sliding between my big fake tits, your cum shooting all over my face… god I need you cock in my pussy so badly right now… come one, let’s go to the bedroom…”

She tugged at his hand as she moved towards the door, he didn’t resist as she lead him in to the bedroom got exactly what she needed.

Agent Tamera Smith scowled as Kevin made the disgusting suggesting that she suck his cock, “Listen fucktard, I’m here to protect you from whatever shit you’ve gotten yourself into. But so help me, you make one more disgusting suggestion like that and I’ll shoot you myself, understand?”

Her hand rested on her gun as she glared over at the disgusting pervert that she was assigned to protect. Sometimes she hated her job, the lowlifes, like Kevin, she had to protect were far to numerous in comparison to those that deserved it.

She let out a sigh and then walked out of the living room where Kevin sat in his recliner and headed out to do an inspection of the property for the third time that hour.

When she returned, Kevin had left his chair and she looked around the house for him, not finding him she headed out to the backyard where the pool was.

“Kevin, you out here? You know you aren’t supposed to leave the house…” she called out as she stepped through the doors to the backyard.

She heard the compressed air hiss too late to do anything about it, but felt the sting of the dart hit her neck just before she lost consciousness.