A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday July 07, 2021

Kiri felt the gust of wind come from behind her and push her dress up and over her ass, exposing her panties and revealing the old symbol that had once identified who she was to the entire world.

Those days were long gone now, though Dex still liked to have her wear something that identified her old life.

She smoothed her dress down over her ass with both hands and turned and let out a giggle as Dex waked in to the house and closed the sliding door behind him.

“Hiya Dex! giggle” she said as she wiggled her ass over to him on her hight heels, her large tits jiggling with each step until she pressed them up against his chest and planted a long deep kiss on his lips. His hands reached around her and gripped her ass tightly, pulling her up slightly so he didn’t have to lean over quite so much.

He gave her ass a slap and then broke off the kiss, “How’s my little superslut doing this morning?” he asked.

“Oh my god Dex, like so horny! But also so totally glad your back finally… giggle” she replied as he hand slipped down to his crotch and found his stiffening shaft.

“God I’ve missed you cock sooooo much Dex…” she continued, her eyes dropping to where her hands were as she licked her plump soft lips with her tongue.

It had been nearly a year since Dex had finally defeated and broken her completely. She could still remember the feeling of the Rayton sapping her strength, followed by days or maybe weeks under the artificial sunlight of her home world that sapped her of her powers. By the time he was finished she was completely de-powered, if only temporarily, but it gave him more than enough time to break her.

By the time she was once again allowed to bath in the glorious solar radiation of the Sun, he’d given her her great new tits, puffy lips, and piercings in her tongue, nipples, bellybutton and clit.

But that was the past and right now she was eager to get in to Dex’s pants, so she sunk down on to her haunches in front of him and her fingers went for his zipper.

He batted her hands away and they fell to her knees as she pouted, “Awwweeee… come on Dex… let me suck your cock!”

She looked up to his face, her eyes wide, her lower lip quivering, “Pllllleeeeeaaaasssseeeee Dex? Just, like, a little bit?”

He just smiled down at her and shook his head, “Not yet, we’ve got somewhere to go first. Now go get dressed, and put something slutty on.”

She pouted some more but stood up and giggled, “Sure thing Dex!” and then almost ran to her bedroom to find something to wear.

She didn’t know where he was taking her, nor did she really care, all that mattered was that he was there and he’d said “not yet” and not “not today”, which meant she was going to get his cock at some point.

She looked through her closet and found a slutty, sparkly blue dress that barely covered her tits and ass and a matching pair of chunky stripper heels.

Sometimes Dex liked to take her out and show her off to people, perhaps to a party, or an official function, or just to some friends. She loved all the attention she got no matter which it was and by the time they left her pussy was always so slick that they seldom made it all the way back to the mansion before she had his cock buried deep in one of her holes.

She let out a giggle as she took a final look at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom and the skipped her way out to where Dex was waiting. She liked these kinds of days, where she could be more useful than just as a fuck toy for him, not that she didn’t love that too, but when he took her out it almost reminded her of when she was the famous hero that saved the day.

She was, of course, so much happier now and the smile across her painted lips and the moisture in her pussy proved it.

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