Diane pulled down her panties and then finished removing her blouse and then wiggled her ass as she sashed over to her boss’ desk.

“God he did a good job on them Diane.” Derek said, admiring the surgeon’s deft touch with a scalpel.

“Thank you sir” Diane replied, cupping her new tits in her hands and squeezing them together before bowing her head and sucking on one of her own nipples.

She sucked on it for a moment, then flicked it with her tongue, before letting go of her tits and letting them bounce back in to place.

It was such a different scene as to the one she’d been in six months ago, applying for the job of Executive Assistant. If she’d know what the outcome of that interview would be, she would have never shown up for it.

Derek had interviewed her and she’d thought it had gone well, which it had, though for completely different reasons than she knew at the time. Instead of being interested in her answers to his questions or details on her resume, he was only interested in two things, how she looked and how susceptible to the process she was.

The first was answered as soon as she’d stepped in to his office, the second, two hours later when she completed the multiple choice test that had gaged her responses to the process.

She had since seen the results of that test, placing her in the top 5th percentile of responsiveness to the process, which made her an excellent candidate. It meant that instead of taking nearly a year to process her, they’d finished the process within months.

The day it was complete and she had walked in to Derek’s office, dropped to her knees and given him a blowjob, that had been the most satisfying day of her life.

Somewhere deep down she knew it shouldn’t have been, just like she’d known that the orgasm that came when he sprayed his seed on her face, shouldn’t have been either. But those thoughts didn’t matter, instead the process had made her in to the perfect employee; obedient, willing and eager.

She now knew that the entire business was just a front for the real business of finding women like her, susceptible to the process, and then selling them on to clients at a hefty fee.

Diane had spent the last two months getting ready for just that fate. The client had put a down payment on her, with some additional specifications, and she was almost ready. She was even in charge of her own preparations, ensuring the clients expectations were fulfilled completely.

“And how much longer do you anticipate until you are ready for delivery?” Derek asked.

“Three weeks at most sir. The healing is coming along nicely and I have returned to my regular workouts at the gym. I should hit his target weight by then.”

“Very good. Now let’s see how well those new tits feel wraped around my dick.”

“Yes sir.”

Diane sat at her desk in front of Derek’s office, typing away at the computer, making the necessary arrangements for her upcoming move to her new city when Derek’s door opened. The tall, confident blonde that walked out was all smiles as Derek kept pace behind her.

“Diane, can you take Madison to the interview room so she can complete the interview process?”

“Of course sir.” Diane replied as she locked her PC and stood up, walking around her desk to where Madison stood, “Right this way Miss.”

Diane took Madison to the small interview room, the laptop on the desk turned on and waiting, “Here you go, just follow the on screen instructions and when you’re done, come back to my desk.”

“Thank you.. Diane was it?”

Diane nodded.

“I am really looking forward to working with you Diane.” Madison said with a genuine smile across her face.

“Well, so would I but I’m afraid I’ll be leaving the company very soon, you are actually interviewing for my position.”

“Oh! I didn’t know that. Do you like your job? Why are you leaving?”

“I love my job, but I’ve received an offer in another city and, well, it’s my dream job even though it doesn’t pay as much.”

“Congratulations then.”

“Thanks. Well, you’d best get to the test, it is timed you know.” Diane replied and then turned the door and walked out, shutting it behind her.

By the time she arrived back and her desk, unlocked her computer and opened up the interview program, Madison had already answered several questions, giving enough information to show that she was susceptible to the process to some degree.

As Madison continued answering questions Diane opened up several client files, each with similar requirements. By the time Madison had completed the test, Diane had found what she considered the best fit. She then composed and e-mail to Derek, giving her top three choices, reasons why each was suited, but of course the final choice would be his.

The interview program spit out the final score for Madison just as she was walking up to Diane’s desk.

“I think I aced it!” Madison said with a smile.

Diane nodded, looking at the 80% susceptibility rating for Madison, “I’m sure you did great. Mr. Masters will be interviewing a few other candidates in the next few days, but you should hear back from him by the end of the week.”

“That’s Diane, hope to hear from you soon!” Madison said as she turned and walked out of the office and towards the elevators in the lobby.

80% meant that the process would take a good six months, much longer than it had for Diane, and that brought her a lot of pride, because after all, she was his perfect employee for a few more days yet.